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/ Source: TODAY
By Jordan Muto

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It was a brisk and rainy Thursday morning on the plaza, and our Ambush Makeover team was ready to work their magic.

Celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY Style Squad member Jill Martin found two deserving ladies in the packed crowd and the fun began!

Jacqueline Dicicco

Jacqueline Dicicco was ready to celebrate her birthday with a whole new look. TODAY

First up was Jacqueline Dicicco from Columbus, Mississippi. Thursday marked her 68th birthday and she came to the plaza in hopes of getting a makeover. Well, her birthday wishes were about to come true!

Dicicco spent the past year and a half caring for her parents, who recently passed away, and she came to the Big Apple as an escape.

Red hair, don't care! Zach Pagano / TODAY

Hoda Kotb couldn't help but let out a big "wow" upon seeing Dicicco's makeover.

"You're gorgeous! So gorgeous!" exclaimed Dicicco's best friend, Tina.

Dicicco's best friend, Tina, was in total shock. TODAY

"Oh, wow! I look entirely different!" said Dicicco upon her big reveal.

Igor Musayev cut her hair into a sleek and simple bob with bold bangs. Licari colored her hair a beautiful red to make her blue eyes pop.

With the outfit, Martin dressed Dicicco in a cool brown leather jacket and classic jeans.

Dicicco was officially ready to celebrate her birthday in style!

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Jennifer Abel

Jennifer Abel had always dreamed of getting an Ambush Makeover. TODAY

Jennifer Abel, 55, from Des Moines, Iowa, is a Kathie Lee and Hoda mega fan and was absolutely shocked when she was selected for an Ambush Makeover. Abel is on a 10-day trip to New York City with her husband, Chuck, and she had always dreamed of a makeover, so this was the cherry on top of her vacation.

It's hard to believe this is the same Jennifer Abel, but it is! Zach Pagano / TODAY

"Oh, my gosh! Amazing! Oh, my gosh!" said Abel's sister-in-law Donna as she cried tears of joy.

Chuck shed a few tears as well.

"She is beautiful! She is beautiful!" said Chuck about his wife's new look.

Abel's husband and sister-in-law immediately started crying tears of joy. TODAY

When Abel looked in the mirror, she was practically speechless.

"Oh, my goodness! Beautiful!" exclaimed Abel.

Musayev gave Abel side-swept bangs and a trendy lob haircut. For the color, Licari softened the base and threw in a few highlights to complete the look. Then with the makeup, Edin O'Sullivan kept things natural and polished with a soft pink lip.

Martin put Abel in a chic green velvet dress that's perfect for the holiday season.

Abel's now ready to head back to Iowa in style!

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