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/ Source: TODAY
By Brianna Bernath

A full crowd on the plaza meant that there were plenty of people to choose from for today's Ambush Makeover, but the team found the perfect two women!

Celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY Style Squad member Jill Martin plucked Maureen Lovell and Vivian Britt, two women in New York City on girls' trips, from the crowd to give them all-new looks.

Maureen Lovell

Maureen Lovell's Ambush Makeover
Maureen Lovell before her Ambush Makeover.TODAY

Lovell is a 49-year-old stay-at-home grandma from Lynchburg, Virginia, who has been married for 30 years. She loves photography and kayaking, and she came to New York for a girls' trip with her daughter-in-law Haley and Haley's sister Casey.

Lovell said that she came to New York specifically with the hope of receiving an Ambush Makeover, and this morning her wish came true.

"I've always been such a tomboy," Lovell told TODAY. "I would love for you to make me look more feminine."

Maureen Lovell's Ambush Makeover
What's more feminine than this gorgeous dress?Nate Congleton / TODAY

And Licari and Martin did exactly that. "I've never seen her in a dress!" Lovell's daughter-in-law Haley said when she saw the new look.

Maureen Lovell's Ambush Makeover
Haley and Casey were shocked by Lovell's new, feminine look.Nate Congleton / TODAY

The Ambush team gave Lovell an untraditional layered bob and saved some of her lighter hair color. Add in some deeper color for contrast, and she's got a look that's instantly updated.

To keep this new look versatile, Martin put Lovell in a two-piece Clara Sunwoo ensemble, making mixing and matching for later outfits a cinch.

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Vivian Britt

Vivian Britt's Ambush Makeover
Vivian Britt before her Ambush Makeover.TODAY

Britt, 62, hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, and has a career in occupational therapy. She has two children and loves camping and fishing.

Britt was visiting New York City with family and friends from her church, and while she wasn't expecting this Ambush Makeover, she was ready for a change.

Vivian Britt's Ambush Makeover
Britt was ready for change, and change she got!Nate Congleton / TODAY

Everyone in Britt's entourage — her daughter Taleesha, Taleesha's mother-in-law, Mary, and friends Debra, Evette and Debbie — shrieked with joy when they saw her stunning new look. "You're beautiful!" they exclaimed.

The Ambush team gave Britt's hair shape, which automatically added some volume. She wanted change, so Licari lightened, softened and highlighted her hair to give her something completely new.

Martin put Britt in a floral, lacy dress by Maggy London to accentuate the gorgeous new hairstyle. "It looked just like you!" Martin said.

Vivian Britt's Ambush Makeover
Britt's friends and family were so excited about her makeover.Nate Congleton / TODAY

Congrats to both ladies on their fabulous makeovers!