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Bobbie's Buzz: Secrets of a speedy morning beauty routine

Want to primp more efficiently and get out of the door on time? TODAY Style Editor and all around Professional Girlfriend Bobbie Thomas shares some brand new products that can help.

New Mascara Concepts


Just like a little black dress, Estee Lauder's newest release, Little Black Primer, is a formula that can be worn multiple ways. Apply a quick coat to give your lashes a soft and subtle tint, or use it underneath your regular mascara to amp up volume and length. You can also use LBP as a topcoat to help seal the look of your lashes ($24,  


Also new to the mascara world is Urban Decay's Mascara Resurrection, which hits stores on Feb. 1. Comb a thin layer over your mascara as needed to soften lashes and bring them back to a workable state. You can fix clumps, kinks or even add an additional coat! No more removing all of your eye makeup in order to correct your lash application ($16,

Color-Changing Face Wash


Dr. Dennis Gross' Color Smart Cleanser and Mask allows you to see when your skin has been properly cleansed by reacting with your natural pH. Translation? It goes on in a peach color and turns yellow when areas are done, helping you target spots you may have otherwise missed ($28,

Rinse Off Body Moisturizer


Nivea's brand-new, in-shower moisturizer is like hair conditioner for your skin. Slather it on in the shower, rinse it off and then dry yourself with a towel — that's it! There's no greasy or sticky feeling afterward and it acts as a time saver since there's no need to wait for lotion to absorb ($5.99,

Hair-Drying Gloves


Studio Dry's specially designed Hair Drying Gloves help hair dry faster, decreasing blow-dry time (and subsequently decreasing the amount of damaging heat you need to use). Made from Pile-dry technology, the fibers are said to stimulate softness and fullness in addition to sopping up moisture ($14.99,

Our resident Style Editor and author of The Power of Style, Bobbie Thomas shares the buzz about beauty, fashion, and more here on TODAY and at Consider her your go-to girlfriend, style MacGuyver, and wikipedia for women who you've seen in her underwear. Follow her on Twitter, FacebookInstagram