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Savannah wore her dress backward on air — and nobody noticed!

The TODAY co-anchor made an accidental — and uncomfortable — fashion statement Thursday morning.
/ Source: TODAY

Some days just don’t start off as planned. The early morning hustle leads to minor mix-ups. The kids go off to school with the wrong lunches. The dog doesn’t get a much-needed a.m. walk. The laptop never makes it into the tote for work.

Or, you know, you put your dress on backward — like our very own Savannah Guthrie did Thursday morning on TODAY.

It was the right dress, but it was the wrong way 'round.
It was the right dress, but it was the wrong way 'round.Zach Pagano/TODAY

Viewers learned that the red and black print dress was the wrong way 'round right at the top of the show, thanks to co-anchor Hoda Kotb.

“I have to point out, I’m sorry, sometimes when you get dressed in the morning — you all know this — things get backwards,” she said.

Savannah knows it all too well.

“(I) didn’t notice til too late to change so now I’m like [choking sound],” Savannah explained to her followers on Twitter.

But the truth is, it was more than the usual morning madness that led to her accidental fashion statement. The always-early riser got up extra early to catch one of her favorite tennis players hit the court — and suffer a loss.

Savannah’s tennis idol and pal, Roger Federer, lost to Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open just hours before she got to work.

“So that happened,” she noted after airing coverage of it. “Maybe that’s why I dressed backwards today! I was distracted. I’d been up since 3:30 a.m. watching the match.”

While the wardrobe malfunction earned sympathy and laughs from most people in Studio 1A, it earned an act of solidarity from weatherman-and-more Al Roker.

We've all been there!
We've all been there!Zach Pagano/TODAY

“I was up watching all the weather maps,” he joked as he suddenly appeared with his jacket on backwards.

But before long, Savannah put the whole incident (and the backside of her dress) behind her. Between the first and second hours of the show, she fixed the fashion foible, simply saying, “I couldn’t take it anymore!”