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Savannah Guthrie wears two hoops in one ear, inspired by Jennifer Fisher

We're trying this!
Savannah Guthrie
Savannah Guthrie has multiple ear piercings and she's not afraid to use them all!Nathan Congleton / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Why wear one hoop when you can wear two?

Such seems to be the new motto of Savannah Guthrie, who just gave us an entirely new way to wear our earrings this holiday season.

The TODAY co-anchor posted a photo to Instagram on Tuesday showing off an unexpected take on the earring-stacking trend: Instead of wearing a single hoop in each ear or decorating her multiple piercings with studs, she wore a pair of hoops on the same lobe.

"Inspired by @jenniferfisherjewelry to put both hoops in one ear today!! #hoops #piercings," she captioned the photo, referring to New York City-based jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, who is known for her own artful ear decorations and the edgy metal pieces.

Savannah further accessorized her large double hoops with a smaller set of rings in the same ear and what looks like an additional gold stud (she's got some seriously great real estate on that lobe!). While her take on the trend involves wearing two of the same type of hoop, you can switch things up by mixing and matching for an asymmetric look, according to Fisher.

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"You can layer the same hoops, if they are small enough, in one ear or you can mix double pairs of huggies in one ear with one larger hoop or vice versa," Fisher told TODAY Style. "It looks really cool if you place a larger hoop in the second hole and a huggie in the first. Who says you have to wear hoops the regular way?”

Clearly, not Savannah Guthrie!