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Savannah Guthrie on aging in the spotlight: 'I'm 46 and I don't mind looking 46'

Savannah Guthrie tells us what it's like to be scrutinized by strangers and why she's not going to let wrinkles run her life.
Savannah Guthrie often uses social media to share happy moments with her kids: Vale, 3, and Charlie, 1.
Savannah Guthrie often uses social media to share happy moments with her kids: Vale, 3, and Charlie, 1.savannahguthrie / Instagram
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Forget the filters and "perfect" posts — TODAY Style is getting real! This week is all about being honest, authentic, transparent and, well, real about everything from wrinkles and body image to dressing room anxiety and aging. Use the hashtag #RealWomenHave _____ to share the topic about which YOU want to get real.

TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie is all about keeping it real, telling us what it's like to have your looks scrutinized by strangers, why it's OK to have wrinkles and why sometimes you just need to use the good Instagram filter.

You wear makeup every day at work. What's your beauty routine like when you're off duty?

I consider it a victory if I don't have to wash and blow dry my hair. I'm really not good at blow drying my hair and I hate doing it. I try to stretch out my TODAY blowout all weekend long.

I spend most of the weekend without any makeup. But I do enjoy it, and I have fun putting makeup on on a Friday or a Saturday night. I've been trying to perfect the smokey eye for about a decade now. There's something about it being a Friday night, and you're going out to dinner with your friends, and you put music on and you get to play with some eye shadow and just have fun experimenting.

You've gotten attention for sharing makeup-free photos on social media, like the ones you shared after giving birth to your children.

What does it say to you that people were so shocked by that?

I was always surprised that people were surprised that I would post a picture without any makeup on. I thought everyone would be looking at the baby, so who cares what I look like? It's natural. But I don't judge anyone who wants to pose and get made up and put a little lipstick on. Childbirth is hard, no matter how you do it.

Being in the spotlight, do you feel pressure to age a certain way?

I'm like anyone — when I see a picture where my wrinkles are apparent, I don't love looking at that, and I'll try to put the good Instagram filter on there to make it look better. But I'm not going to not put the picture up. I'm 46 years old and I don't mind looking 46 years old.

It’s ladies night and the feeling’s right

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Sometimes people say, "I can see your wrinkles." Well, that's true. I do have some wrinkles. I call them smile lines. They're from smiles and laughing, and those are the best kind of wrinkles.

We did a segment on the show where I got a little Botox. I'm definitely not above it. Whatever it takes to make you feel your best.

Do you read the comments?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Any time someone writes and comments, I'm just honored and flattered they're paying attention to me. The good ones make you feel good for a second, but you don't dwell on them. But the ones that are mean ... I try to be careful, how much I expose myself to that. I don't have a thick skin.

There certainly is a lot of criticism out there. Fair criticism, I'm open to. But criticism about your looks or hair? If you absorb it too much, it can get to you.

This. ❤️

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You have two young children. Do you worry about how unrealistic beauty standards might one day affect them?

I'm very attuned to it. Vale is only 3, but she's watching everything I do and (listening to) everything I say. Like most women, I find it pretty easy to make a remark that's critical of myself. I sometimes have to catch myself. I don't want her to mimic it or question herself or her own looks.

I've been trying to play tennis more and go exercise. She sees me in my sneakers, and says, "Mommy, why do you exercise?" And of course, I could say, "Oh, I have to lose 10 pounds." But I say, "Because I want to be healthy and strong." And now she says it back to me. She says, "Oh, you're exercising so you can be healthy and strong."

Who are some women you admire when it comes to keeping it real?

Christy Turlington: I really do think she's amazing. Drew Barrymore: She is willing to just totally be herself, and I think that's why people embrace her so much.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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