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Savannah Guthrie: How I'm teaching my daughter to love and accept herself

TODAY's Savannah Guthrie talks about how she hopes to build daughter Vale's confidence by showing her that she is special and loved.
/ Source: TODAY

TODAY's own Savannah Guthrie told us how she feels about confidence, body image and acceptance of one's self as it relates to her 2-year-old daughter, Vale.

I think confidence comes with age. I really do.

I probably feel better today than I felt in my 20s, when, let's face it, I probably looked better. That's because, at least for me, the passage of time is what's given me the most confidence. I'm wiser, I'm more thankful for my blessings and I'm more focused on things other than how I look and how I measure up to others.

The way I see it, over time, you just start to accept where you are. Confidence is acceptance. It's a calmness that takes over you.

And it's so important to me that Vale feels that, but I think she'll have to go through quite a bit before she gets there.

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It's OK if she has insecurities. As a young woman, I had so many of my own, and part of that, I think, is natural. If Vale ends up that way, then I think that just makes her human. And I want her to be human.

But I hope, too, that I can instill in her a sense that she is really special. And that what's special about her is something that comes from inside. That it's about who she is. It's how she treats others. It's in her heart and her kindness, and it flows from within.

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I know this might sound like one of those things your mom tells you when you're younger that you have a hard time believing because, well, it's something your mom told you. I know we've all been there and we've all thought, "No, actually, I really would like to have blond hair and be thinner."

But over time, it really becomes true. Your beauty really is exuded from within. It's something you actually can control. And it's not just something people say to butter you up.

I care a lot about how Vale feels about herself. I hope I can do whatever I can to make her feel like she is beautiful inside and out. For the most part, she's simply going to be able to see it in my eyes. Because when I look at her, I just melt. I'm in love with her. I think she is the most darling and wonderful child, and I hope that she sees these eyes looking back at her her whole life. I hope these eyes give her confidence.

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But I also know that if she grows up to be anything like me, she'll probably be really sensitive.

I've never had a thick skin. I definitely didn't have a thick skin as a kid, and even being in this business and having to be in the public eye, and even after years of people scrutinizing me ... I still am that way. If someone says something mean, it still hurts my feelings. I just try not to let it debilitate me.

And even if Vale doesn't get my sensitive heart, it's just a fact of life that there will be times when someone says something to her that hurts. A girlfriend might say something cruel. Or she'll look at herself and think, "Well, maybe I don't measure up," or, "Maybe I don't look like those other girls."

In those times, my heart will break. I can relate. I was that kid.

But I hope it builds her character. I hope she realizes there's so much more to life and being a person than how you look on the outside. Whenever something happens that shakes her confidence, I hope that she'll have a really firm foundation to land on. I hope she'll know who she is, and I hope she'll remember that her family loves her.

I hope she'll be able to dig deep within and just go forward. She's got to have that perspective of how blessed she is to live in this country, to have every advantage and to have parents who love her.

That, to me, will be the beginning of real confidence for Vale.