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Sarah Jessica Parker shares the 1 surprising outfit she'd wear every day

Sarah Jessica Parker talks with Hoda Kotb about the one outfit she'd love to wear each day.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker loves couture -- but in her everyday life, she likes to keep her wardrobe simple.TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Sarah Jessica Parker might brush shoulders with some of the world's biggest designers, but her dream outfit is about as far away from an haute couture masterpiece as one might imagine.

Though she's a fashionista at heart, the actress admitted to TODAY's Hoda Kotb that she sometimes likes to keep her wardrobe choices as simple as possible.

​"I was thinking the other day, I really want to limit myself to a gray sweatshirt and gray pants," Parker said in an interview.

Hoda wondered whether the "Sex and the City" icon would really commit to a monochromatic gray look every day. But, turns out, Parker already rocks it regularly.

"I wear it every day anyway," she said.

Though Parker prefers the simplicity, she isn't so sure that everyone else would be ready for her to abandon her stylish persona.

"I've been thinking about it even yesterday. I was like, how soon? I'm fine with it. But will everybody else be fine with it? And actually, isn't it a great experiment?" she told Hoda.

Although she'd love purge her closet and pare down her wardrobe, the shoe designer told Hoda she's always been a bit hesitant to do so.

"I'm always, like, oh, I shouldn't give that dress away because someday it might look good on me again," she said. "I'll be talking to my daughter (and say,) 'When Papa and I,' — when (husband Matthew Broderick) and I — 'are retired, when we're living in this really cold climate in a different country, I might need this sweater.' I'm dead serious."

Whether or not Parker really clears out her closet remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure: She's seriously contemplating the change, and Hoda's all for the idea.

"OK, so gray. We're going gray?" Hoda said.