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Sandra Bullock's hair evolution: From '90s rom-com queen to Oscar-winner

Sandra Bullock is equally beloved for her quirky comedy as she is for her dramatic talent. But we can't stop staring at her hair.
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Let’s start with the obvious: Not everyone has hair as beautiful as Sandra Bullock’s. It’s thick. It’s glossy. It’s healthy, richly pigmented and the type of hair for which most of us would pay darn good money.

But the cool thing about Sandra Bullock (and her hair, for that matter) is that she doesn’t just rest on her laurels. Instead, over the span of more than two decades in the public eye, she’s tried it all. On her 52nd birthday, we're honoring the star and the gorgeous hairstyles she's rocked through the years.

Sandra Bullock's hair evolution

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Sandra Bullock's hair evolution

When it comes to hair, Sandra Bullock has tried it all. From bangs and barrettes to highlights and headbands, see her style evolution.

From bangs and barrettes to highlights and headbands, to long, short and everything in-between, Bullock proves that she can pull off just about anything. Be prepared to feel inspired by her unpretentious, yet elegant updos and her open embrace of both sleek, straight locks and her own natural waves.

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Her versatility, however, shouldn’t be a surprise considering that she’s known for embodying that very same quality on the big screen. The rom-com queen, who is beloved for films like "Hope Floats" and "Miss Congeniality," broke out of her mold to star in dramatic, award-winning films like "Gravity" and "The Blind Side," for which she won an Oscar for Best Actress. To celebrate Sandra Bullock, TODAY Style gathered the most noteworthy hairstyles of one of Hollywood’s most adored stars.

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