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'Sandicures' bring the beach to your feet in newest nail-art trend

"Sandicures" bring the sand from the beach to your pedicure. Here's how to get the look.
/ Source: TODAY

When the winter feels like it’s never going to end, we can’t help but fantasize about digging our toes into sand and enjoying a day at the beach — and the latest nail-art trend allows us to do just that!

“It’s a cute, fresh, fun way to express you're longing for the spring/summer months!” said celebrity manicurist Erica Marton of the Face Place New York.

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If you want to add a touch of the beach to your winter, it’s really not that hard. You can get sand from a local home supply store, or a visit to the beach. Then you are ready to get started!

To get this look, Marton recommends using a color that contrasts with the beige hue of sand. Or to really make it pop, use a neon color. Begin by applying polish in the way you normally would. “But on the last coat of nail polish is where the fun happens!” she said. “Whilst polish is still wet, sprinkle sand over toes or nails (wherever you are ‘sandicuring’) and use just a little sand and then tap your toe to get rid of excess sand that could be on your skin.”

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Do this over newspaper or a bathtub as sand can be messy, recommends Marton. Since it's still cold outside for many of us — requiring closed-toe shoes — she also recommends adding a thin layer of top coat just to seal in the sand. She added, “Make sure it's a thin layer so you don't lose the sand effect texture."

With that, you're ready to hit the beach — or at least look like you just came back from one!