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This 'sandbagging' makeup trick will fix smudged eye liner for good

The 'sandbagging' trick has gone viral for keeping a flawless face — and makeup where it belongs.
/ Source: TODAY

Anyone who has ever carefully applied their makeup, only to look like they were punched in the eye by the time they leave the house, knows the agony that is smearing and smudging.

To keep our look flawless — and our makeup where it belongs — Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, shared an Instagram tutorial for a concept he has coined "sandbagging."

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Sandbagging is all about absorbing the oils and creating a barrier so it sets and stays. “It is a fantastic way to keep your under-eye makeup and the makeup around your mouth from smudging, creasing or looking anything less than perfect,” said makeup artist Julia Dalton Brush, founder of Brush Beauty.

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To sandbag your face, do your normal foundation and concealer routine, then dip the corner of a sponge in powder. Apply very generously in areas you're hoping to block smudging.

“Apply that powder under your tear line, under your eye and around your lower lip line. You want the powder to be visible, so really cake it on. Then, you will let it sit. Finish the rest of your makeup routine, make those eyes pop and finish your face so that when you are done, the powder has been allowed to sit and absorb. Then, just brush the excess powder off,” said Dalton-Brush.


If sandbagging sounds familiar, it's probably because the method is named after a similar strategy used for blocking water from flooding. And, makeup-wise, it’s similar yet different from baking, which made waves last year.

“Baking is focusing more on highlighting and setting the skin while sandbagging is more about creating a barrier for your eyeliner or lipstick so it doesn't smudge. Baking is about creating a matte finish whereas sandbagging is more about maintaining the clean fresh lines around the eyes and lips,” celebrity makeup artist Tracy Murphy explained.

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This technique is actually pretty easy to implement and with the melt-worthy days of summer approaching, we’re all for any help we can get. In other words: You may want to start stocking up on powder in bulk.