'Salt dress' left in the Dead Sea turns into crystal beauty

/ Source: TODAY

And you thought the dress you just sent off to the dry cleaners wasn't in great condition. Pshhh.

Sigalit Landau, an Israeli artist, had the genius idea to submerge a traditional Hasidic dress in the Dead Sea, a body of water oversaturated with salt. Gradually, the salt crystals in the water attached to the fabric of the dress. The result? A magical-looking garment that's nothing like its original version ... except for the fact that it appears to have retained its general shape perfectly.

Courtesy Sigalit Landau, Marlborough Contemporary, Yotam From

Lucky for all of us, Landau documented the transformation, and her color prints are now on display at the Marlborough Contemporary art gallery in London.

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Studio Landau lifted "Small Salt Bride," a smaller sculpture, from the waters of the Dead Sea.Matanya Tausig

"Salt Bride," as she titled the resulting artwork, is a series of eight color prints photographed underwater by both Landau and collaborator Yotam From.

Courtesy Sigalit Landau and Marlborough Contemporary

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“Over the years, I learnt more and more about this low and strange place," Landau said in a statement the gallery shared with TODAY. "Still the magic is there waiting for us: new experiments, ideas and understandings. It is like meeting with a different time system, a different logic, another planet.

Courtesy Sigalit Landau, Marlborough Contemporary, Yotam From

"It looks like snow, like sugar, like death’s embrace; solid tears, like a white surrender to fire and water combined.”

It certainly does. But we'd be happy just summing this one up as "really, really cool."