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Salma Hayek's 'completely inappropriate' shirt makes for hilarious ER visit

/ Source: TODAY

We all have a few ridiculous outfits that we may love to wear in private but would never sport outside. Celebrities may have those outfits at home too — and of course, their movie projects also require them to don some unexpected getups.

Actress Salma Hayek posted on Instagram Saturday to tell her fans about a hilariously awkward moment she experienced after an incident occurred on set.

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"I had to be rushed from the set to the ER for a minor head injury," she wrote. "Unfortunately my wardrobe for the scene was completely inappropriate for the hospital."

The wardrobe in question is a shirt that makes her look topless. In the Instagram picture, Hayek looks a little uncomfortable while covering up the shirt as best as she can.

Two doctors, who look incredibly happy (and a tad bewildered), stand at her side.

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"Thank you to doctors Foster and Ellspermann for taking such good care of me!" Hayek wrote.

Something — and it's not just the huge smiles they are wearing — tells us the two doctors weren't too upset about Hayek's wardrobe choice.