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Runaway flower girl steals the show (and hearts) at wedding

A cheeky 3-year-old flower girl dashed away from her mom as a bride and groom exchanged vows... and the newlyweds loved every minute of it.
/ Source: TODAY

In a flash, a mischievous 3-year-old flower girl stole the spotlight from a couple at their wedding — and the bride and groom couldn’t have been happier about it.

Katie and Tom Quirk were exchanging vows in a lakeside ceremony in Melbourne, Australia, when their niece made a mad dash behind them.

A video of the moment shows the girl’s mother (the groom's sister) chasing after the runaway tot a second later.

Katie said she was so focused on saying her vows correctly that she didn’t immediately realize what was happening.

“I saw this flash go by; then I saw my sister-in-law hauling after her, and that is when I turned to look,” Katie Quirk told TODAY. “I could see little Chloe actually turning around and taunting her mother as she ran. She was basically saying, ‘Come and catch me,’ and I think that’s when it set in: 'This is actually happening.'”

Flower girl runs away during her aunt's wedding ceremony.
Katie Quirk and a better-behaved Chloe, 3, on the right.Courtesy of Katie Quirk

Although she found the moment amusing at the time, Katie said she didn’t realize how funny it was until she saw it on video later.

“She was an absolute angel from the time I saw her before we got to the venue to when she was walking down the aisle. She was so perfect,” Katie said. “And then, being 3 and a half, I think she just got a little bit restless and it was too much of an appeal to just get on the deck.”

The brief moment “just added to the day," Katie said, adding that she had to repeat that portion of her vows three times because she couldn’t stop laughing.

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“It was one of the moments you could never have predicted, and it was such perfect timing,” she said. “The guests were in stitches. Everyone was beside themselves.”

The happy couple, Tom and Katie Quirk, on their wedding day.
The happy couple, Tom and Katie Quirk, on their wedding day.Rom Anthonis / Courtesy of Katie Quirk

Katie said she not only was impressed by her niece’s speed, but by the agility of the girl’s mother.

“Here’s my sister-in-law, in full high heels, just booking it across the deck managing not to get a heel stuck in the crevices," she said. "It was poetry in motion. It was genuine shock and hilarity.”

The video from the couple's May wedding has been viewed more than 14,000 times on the videographer's Facebook page. Katie says she's glad to share a bit of joy with the world.

Flower girl runs away during wedding ceremony.
Quirk with her niece Chloe, behaving a bit more appropriately.Courtesy of Katie Quirk

“In amongst all the horrible stuff that you hear every day happening in the world, if this funny little video can make people laugh and bring a bit of happiness and cheer, I’m more than happy for it to go where ever it needs to go," she said.

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