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Men's rompers have been around for years: Who wore it first (and best)?

Some people think the RompHim, aka a romper for men, is an abomination — and others are clamoring to take credit for the trend.
/ Source: TODAY

Ever since the Kickstarter campaign for the RompHim — a jaunty, high-end romper designed for men — went live earlier this week, the internet has been deeply divided.

Some people believe male rompers to be an abomination. Others are pledging their financial (and emotional) support.

romper designed for men
The RompHim quickly took off on Kickstarter.originalromphim/Instagram

And now, still more are clamoring to take credit for male rompers ... like Andy Cohen, who took on the one-piece phenomenon on Tuesday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live."

“Here’s what I want to know,” Cohen said. “Why do you need a Kickstarter for an item of clothing, especially when I kickstarted the RompHim two years ago?”

Cohen shared his evidence — a photo of him rocking a romper in 2015.

Shots fired!

But actually, shots were fired a long time ago by none other than agent 007, who trotted his romper around like a sexy negligee. Here's Bond, James Bond, poised for seduction in all his shameless, swagger-y, romper-y glory:

Then there are the romping rappers...

The pro wrestlers ...

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton at Coachella last month...

And countless others who have produced evidence of pre-RompHim romping.

(We'd like to remind everyone, though, that a jumpsuit is not a romper. The presence of man-thigh is crucial to the shock value of a romper. Snoop Dogg, you may need to sit this one out.)

The issue, really, is less about who wore it first and more about who was smart enough to monetize it. And with over $260,000 raised in less than a week, RompHim's creators have a bare leg to stand on.

You might say we're living in a thigh society.

Or you could just pretend this whole thing isn't happening. But you may have to get off the internet.


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