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The secret to this Olympic sprinter's success? His mullet

Rohan Browning believes his mullet helps him in a traditionally "alpha male" event.
/ Source: TODAY

It's safe to say that Australian sprinter Rohan Browning is one of the fastest men in the world who happens to rock a mullet hairstyle.

Browning, 23, stunned the competition at the Tokyo Olympics in his 100-meter qualifying heat, running the distance in 10.01 seconds. While he eventually didn't make it to the final, Browning's hairstyle earned him plenty of new admirers.

Rohan Browning
Browning's mullet hairstyle, which he said gives him a secret advantage, earned him plenty of new admirers.Pete Dovgan / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In an interview with Australia's Channel 7, Browning explained how the "semi-stupid" hairstyle gives him an advantage in a race he said has been a "typical alpha male event" throughout history.

"There is always a lot of posturing, a lot of staring down in the cool room. I think that’s why, for me, having this semi-stupid haircut is almost like a bit of an advantage," he said.

He added that "people might look at you and not know what to think" and that it "definitely helps to break that mould."

Browning explained how his hairstyle evolved over time from a normal cut that some people on Twitter have compared to Zac Efron, to a full-blown mullet.

"It was just something that developed over time and then I trimmed the sides and grew the back, then I trimmed the sides again and didn’t trim the back. Then I trimmed the sides again and my girlfriend got a bit more irritated," he said. "I think I’ve got no choice but to keep it now."

People on social media agree.

"Can we get a gold medal now for Rohan Browning’s majestic mullet," one journalist wrote on Twitter. "Repping hard for straya."