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/ Source: TODAY
By Scott Stump

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Rent the Runway is back to business after it temporarily stopped accepting new customers last month due to a series of inventory and supply chain issues.

The clothing platform announced Tuesday that is has completed a system upgrade and is accepting new subscribers and event orders after having halted those services in late September, following a rash of customer complaints over delays in orders being received and sizes being out of stock.

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Customers who were on the waitlist will also be able to start renting dresses and accessories right away.

Rent the Runway is back to accepting new subscribers and event orders after halting its service at the end of last month due to multiple issues resulting in customer complaints. Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Co-founder and CEO Jenn Hyman wrote in an email to subscribers on Sept. 27 that the company was expecting to have the upgrade completed by Oct. 15 or sooner.

"The delays, which began Sept. 13, are due to unforeseen issues associated with a significant software transformation that we are executing in our fulfillment operation,'' she wrote. "Our technical team is working to fix these issues as quickly as possible."

Rent the Runway had also recently been paying up to $200 to customers who never received their orders, according to CNBC.

The company's head of supply chain, Marv Cunningham, stepped down from his position at the end of last month amid the turmoil, Business of Fashion reported.

Rent the Runway offers memberships from $89 per month that allow women to try designer brands without having to commit to buying the items.

The company said in a statement to TODAY on Tuesday that it "will never stop transforming and investing in making the renting experience the best it can be for customers."