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Reese Witherspoon got to keep her 'Legally Blonde 2' wardrobe — including 77 shoes!

She's one lucky lady!
In "Legally Blonde 2," Elle Woods goes to Washington.Courtesy Everett Collection
/ Source: TODAY

Actors often grab a small memento or two from the set after filming a movie, but Reese Witherspoon took things to a whole new level after wrapping up "Legally Blonde 2: Red White & Blonde."

In a recent interview, the actress revealed that she kept her entire wardrobe from the "Legally Blonde" sequel — including approximately 77 pairs of Jimmy Choos.

"I had it written in my contract. I have all of them," Witherspoon admitted during an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show."

Witherspoon spilled her stylish secret during a joint appearance with Jennifer Aniston, her costar on "The Morning Show," who was both shocked and impressed by her haul.

"Did you wear all 77 of them?" she asked Witherspoon, who revealed that she didn't touch the shoes for years.

Witherspoon's "Legally Blonde" character, Elle Woods, was a true trendsetter.Courtesy Everett Collection

"On the 15th anniversary I took them all out of storage and tried them all on. Some of them fit, some of them didn't and then, yeah, I showed them all to my daughter and it was really cool," she said.

Killer shoes were always a staple of Elle Woods' wardrobe.Courtesy Everett Collection

Aniston didn't make out quite as well after "Friends" wrapped up 25 years ago, but she did get to keep one pretty cool memento: a neon sign from Central Perk, the show's iconic coffee shop. Julie Andrews, who also appeared in the segment, said she kept one pair of shoes from "Mary Poppins," which she now uses as doorstops.

It's been 16 years since the "Legally Blonde" sequel came out, but the film (and its iconic fashion) is still as relevant as ever. Just last week, Kim Kardashian West dressed up as the film's main character, Elle Woods, for Halloween.

And last summer, Witherspoon shared a collection of pink graduation caps with Elle Woods-inspired designs.

In 2018, Witherspoon thrilled fans when she announced that a third "Legally Blonde" movie was in the works and we're curious: Will she go into her shoe vault to revive some of those classic kicks for the next film? We sure hope so!

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