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Red hair, curly hair, bald: A new batch of emoji hairstyles may be on the way

by Lindsay Lowe / / Source: TODAY

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It took a while, but you can now personalize your emojis with hair colors ranging from black to blond. So far, redheads have been left out of the emoji universe — but that may change.

Fiery-haired emojis could be officially released next June, according to the Emoji Subcommittee of the Unicode Consortium, the group that sets the global standard for emojis.

Person with red hair emoticon
The proposed red-haired emojis.Emojipedia

“Redheads have been a highly requested addition,” Jeremy Burge, the founder of the reference website Emojipedia and a member of Unicode’s Emoji Subcommittee, told TODAY Style in an email.

In fact, ginger emojis were Emojipedia’s most-requested addition last year, Burge said. So what caused the delay? It came down to some tricky details.

“The implementation raises questions like which emojis should be able to have red hair, and if red hair is added, what about other hair colors or styles?” Burge said. “The current approach is to use a flexible system, which could allow any emoji to be given red hair, although no recommendations have yet been made on which emojis should be given a red hair option.”

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Burge submitted a proposal for how redhead emojis could possibly appear, along with other common hairstyles like curly hair, white hair, and baldness.

Person with curly hair emoticon
A preview of what curly-haired emojis would look like.Emojipedia

The new hairstyles are still subject to final approval early next year, though Burge noted that “in the past, the majority of emoji candidates have been approved.”

Person with bald head emoticon
Bald male and female emojis could also be an option.Emojipedia

Burge added that unnatural hair colors such as blue or green could be added down the line if there is “sufficient demand,” but said that for now the “proposed entries for red hair, curly hair, white hair and baldness do appear to cover the majority of requests."

Person with white hair emoticon
And don't forget gray or white hair!Emojipedia

The (hopefully!) upcoming ginger emojis should be especially welcome news to one of our favorite redheaded celebs, Jessica Chastain, who spoke out recently about her trademark strands.

The actress revealed that she was teased for her hair shade growing up, but now embraces her gorgeous natural color and refuses to dye it for roles.

“Whatever you are ridiculed about that makes you different is what you'll celebrate in the future," she told Refinery29. "If I wanted to dye my hair, I could, but I realized that's who I am, and my differences (make me) special."

And, plenty of celebs who were born blonde, brunette or raven-haired, including Ariel Winter, Shakira and Aubrey Plaza, have embraced red locks. ("Redheads have more fun!" Shakira recently proclaimed).

Of course, “redhead” can encompass a variety of shades, from bright orange to auburn to strawberry blond, and one day, it would be amazing to see all these lovely hues represented in emoji form. But in the meantime, the new, proposed emojis are a major step for all gingerkind!

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