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Redbook's beauty director Victoria Kirby on her go-to shopping app gets the scoop on the hottest new fashion app from Redbook beauty director Victoria Kirby.
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We love having fun with fashion ... and love the convenience of shopping from our own homes even more. That's why is picking the brains of some industry experts to find out where they score their favorite items online. This time, Lilliana Vazquez got the style scoop from Redbook's sweet-as-sugar beauty director, Victoria Kirby.

Billy Farrell/ / Billy Farrell/

Name: Victoria Kirby

Title: Beauty director, Redbook

Personal IG: @victoriahkirby

Personal Twitter: @victoriakirby

1. Describe your personal style in 5 words or less.

Classic, tailored, feminine but fuss-free.

2. Who's your celebrity style crush and why?

It’s been the same person since I was 18: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. She did sexy in such a cool, tasteful way, by choosing pieces that fit her figure perfectly and showed just the right amount of skin while still being elegant. Gwyneth Paltrow has that going on as well — maybe it’s a platinum blonde thing!

Carolyn Bessette on her wedding day to John F. Kennedy Jr. in in 1996. For the private wedding, the bride wore a classic gown designed by Narciso Rodriguez. Her hair was pulled in a bun with a clip that belonged to her mother-in-law, Jackie Kennedy.Denis Reggie

3. How often do you shop online?

I shop online fairly often, though I still like the experience of going to the store and trying something on — I just don’t always have the time to do it. So I typically shop online for brands that I know well and know my size in already. The only drawback is that I’m tempted to buy more when I shop online because it’s all right there in front of me. When I have to lug everything into a dressing room and try it on in that ghastly fluorescent lighting, it really helps me weed things out!

4. What is your best tip for a successful online shopping experience?

Stick to your budget and comparison shop, especially during sales seasons. The same item that’s 40 percent off on one site may be 60 percent off on another. That being said, stick with the major e-retailers and brand sites whenever you can. I’m all for supporting small businesses, but just do a little research first to make sure the site is legit and that their return policy is solid.

5. What is your favorite "under-the-radar" shopping website?

There’s a new shopping app that I’m obsessed with called Donde.

6. What makes it so special?

It can help you find any item of clothing you want within your exact budget, without having to do an exhaustive search across a bunch of different sites. Say you want a navy, knee-length pencil skirt that’s under $40, or you want to see different floral-pattern mini dresses that are under $60 — you just select the details you want, and it pulls up everything that’s currently available online in your price bracket, from H&M to J.Crew to Gucci. You can buy the item right from the app or save it and it’ll send you an alert when your saved items go on sale. It’s the most brilliant time saver.

7. What is the last item you bought through the app?

I wanted cute but cheap espadrilles for summer and had no idea where to look. Within two minutes via a Donde search, I found these adorable Soludos pair for just over $40. And they’re super comfortable, too — yay!

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