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Rachel Zoe on her in-office nursery: 'Why wouldn't every company do this?'

Fashion designer and stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe is no stranger to the struggles of balancing motherhood with a busy career.
/ Source: TODAY

Fashion designer and stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe is no stranger to the struggles of balancing motherhood with a busy career — that's why she built a nursery in her Los Angeles office.

"I just found out someone else is pregnant so we'll have another baby in there," Zoe told during an interview about her new partnership with Tide and Downy. "Which I'm excited about! It's so fun. It's nice to know that your kids are there in the same building as you, and that they're OK."

Zoe installed the nursery nearly a year ago, but it got attention when she blogged about it earlier this summer on the Zoe Report, explaining that five of her staffers became moms last year. Now there are about two to four babies there every day, she said. Sometimes that includes her own kids, 4-year-old Skyler and Kaius, who turns 2 years old in December.

Rachel Zoe with her son Kaius Berman at Zoe's Spring 2016 presentation during New York Fashion Week.JP Yim / Getty Images

"When I started this, I thought, 'Why wouldn't every company do this?'" she said. "Why wouldn't they? There are so many working moms and dads. I feel like [companies] worry the parents will be distracted, and I actually think the opposite. The parents who work in my office, honestly, they say it makes them work better. They know their kids are OK. If they have to stay and work late, they know their child is there with them. And they get to commute with them every day — that's quality time!"

And time, she added, is the biggest challenge for working parents: "Every day it's a struggle. Organizing your time ... finding any time for yourself and not feeling guilty about it. Any free minute I have is with my kids. So I don't really have any personal time. And that's OK."

Zoe also offered some fashion tips for busy moms. She said she's a huge fan of the so-called work uniform, in which women wear the same outfit — or a version of the same outfit — every day.

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"A big time-saver is to just know what works on you," Zoe said. "Have a section in your closet that's just for your go-to uniform, whatever it is. Just know that it fits you and it looks good."

Rachel Zoe with husband Rodger Berman and their son Skyler during New York Fashion Week.Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

And even better if it's a dark color: "Playing with your kids all day while wearing white is a very dangerous thing," joked Zoe, who will head to Procter and Gamble's Cincinnati facilities this fall to learn about taking care of different fabrics.

The 44-year-old recently showed her spring 2016 collection at a presentation for New York Fashion Week — an event that, like her office, was baby-friendly.

"My show was on a Sunday and obviously that's a big family day, so a lot of my friends and a lot of the editors said, 'I can only come if I bring the baby,' and I was like, 'Bring them! The more kids, the better!'" Zoe said. "And then, all of a sudden I turned around and there were like 12 or 15 kids at the show. I loved it so much. I just think kids make everything happier and more fun."

"And I feel the same way about work," she continued. "I've been fortunate enough to really be able to make a life and a career for myself because I had kids later in life. I can set it up so that my children are with me a lot of the time at work. And I couldn't really bear the other moms at work seeing my child at work and ... I just didn't think that was fair. I want all moms at my work to be able to bring their kids."