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By Lesley Kennedy

Pubic hair trends are returning to a 1970s model.

Maybe it’s just the trend cycle swinging back around … or the exorbitant price of razor blades … or the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow confessed to Ellen DeGeneres earlier this year that she works “a ‘70s vibe.”

Whatever the reason, it may be high time to say buh-bye to the Brazilian and let that pubic hair grow. The Daily Mail reports a new survey from UK Medix shows 62 percent of women surveyed said their partners dig the natural look downstairs, while 51 percent admitted they let things grow wild and 45 percent add they once kept up grooming in that area, but have since called it quits.

Of course, plenty of women still prefer to keep things tidy in the bikini line area, with 33 percent reporting they shave, 27 percent responding they get professional wax jobs and 15 percent copping to using hair-removal creams, according to the newspaper.

We can’t say we’re sad to see the pubic hair trend heading back to a, er, fuller look. As Carrie Bradshaw gasped after a Brazilian session, “I got mugged! She took everything I've got.” Who wants that? Besides, as Paltrow knows, the ‘70s rocked.

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A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage