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'Prom vs. wedding': Married couples are sharing adorable comparison photos

Their throwback photos are so sweet!
Couples are posting adorable throwback photos comparing themselves on prom and their wedding day.
Couples are posting adorable throwback photos comparing themselves on prom and their wedding day.Julia Hinson Photography
/ Source: TODAY

If you're a sucker for love, get ready to say, "Awww!"

High school sweethearts who eventually became married couples are taking to Twitter in droves to post throwback photos of themselves, and it's simply adorable. The "prom vs. wedding" thread on Twitter has been trending the past week, and it's enough to make even the most pessimistic person believe in love.

It all started when Twitter user @blasiansyd, whose real name is Sydnie Haag, posted a sweet flashback photo with her husband (and high school sweetheart) at their prom and on their wedding day.

"I was feeling so nostalgic that day and I was kind of reminiscing on the days when we had first started dating. I really didn’t think much when I posted it. If anything, I thought that my regular, everyday followers would get a kick out of it," Haag told TODAY Style.

The touching throwback quickly racked up more than 500,000 likes and 78,000 retweets, encouraging other longtime sweethearts to get in on the fun.

Couples of all ages participated in the romantic thread, posting photos from their proms and wedding days.

And they made us all jealous of their sweet love stories.

Some lovebirds even shared photos from multiple proms with their main squeeze.

High school sweethearts from all over the world joined in, including this couple who actually never had a prom.

You could feel the love in every photo.

And in true prom style, some of the flashback photos came with totally rad backdrops.

Some couples posted funny photos.

It was fun to see just how much some couples had changed.

Overall, it was sweet to see a "then-and-now" look at love.

Haag is thrilled her original post has resonated with so many other couples.

"I was definitely shocked that it got as popular as it did, but I’m glad I did post the photos! It has been so sweet to see everyone else’s pictures," she said.