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Products give beauty sleep brand-new meaning

We often wake up from a deep sleep feeling rejuvenated and energetic - but what if in addition, you could look better? TODAY's Bobbie Thomas sheds some light on the latest nighttime items that’ll keep you looking good.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

We often wake up from a deep sleep feeling rejuvenated and energetic - but what if in addition, you could look better? TODAY's Bobbie Thomas sheds some light on the latest nighttime items that’ll keep you looking good.

Wrinkle-free rest
Where you rest your head may be more important than ever! From copper-infused linens to pillows that prevent wrinkles (and even keep your hair in place), new technologies are making it possible to primp while you’re blissfully counting sheep. Save My Face pillows were designed with curved, carved-out edges to eliminate “morning pillow face” by relieving compression that can contribute to wrinkles and allowing your night creams and serums to stay on your skin. ($42-$80;

With a matching headband included, Branche’s silk pillowcases offer the restorative benefits of amino acids. While we toss and turn, the soft, slippery surface is said to be delicate against the skin and hair, helping to prevent hair loss and breakage and even to extend the life of your hairstyle. ($75;

Glo to Sleep’s eye mask promises to “switch off your mind,” but also provides a gap that allows ample room for blinking, so you don’t have to worry about flattening your eyelashes (or your false ones)! ($59.95;

Meanwhile, Cupron is capturing the age-old advantages of copper. Their bioactive fiber offers antimicrobial properties and aims to rejuvenate the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s-feet and other imperfections. Harnessing their technology, SkinGlow’s bedding collection relies on the infusion of all-natural copper oxide-plated fibers that are woven into their comforters and pillowcases. ($20-$250; With direct contact, the hope is to sleep your way to softer skin within four weeks.

If beauty rest in the buff is not your thing, you’ll be happy to hear that designer Pamela Dennis is working directly with Cupron to create a clothing collection of double-duty basics meant for sleep or the street! “I want to offer women a foundation of fashion that can fight Father Time.” Pamela's first pajama pieces are due out May 1. (Starting at $75;

Bye-bye bed head
There’s been a big movement toward taking care of your tresses while you sleep. John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Crème Overnight Repair formula claims to mend your mane without leaving residue on your pillow ($9.99;, while L’Oreal Professionnel’s Liss Ultime Nuit is specifically designed to smooth coarse hair overnight ($35;

On the high end, cult-favorite brand Kerastase made many people happy by launching two types of its nighttime treatment, Noctogenist — one for coarse hair and the other for fine. ($65;

Last but not least, two new companies have entered the market with buzz-worthy bedtime products. KRONOS introduced a hair repair masque, PHYX ($105;, while OOKISA created a Nighttime Follicle Renewing serum to strengthen the hair shaft and soothe the scalp ($63; 

Overnight improvement
Busy ladies who don't have time to visit the spa, dermatologist or dentist can now use bedtime to catch up on their top treatments. Renowned London skin guru Sarah Chapman has put her famous facial into a product that perfects complexions by lifting and firming during slumber.

The Skinesis Overnight Facial is said to be like a cashmere blanket for your skin, so it’s no surprise that it’s currently sold out across England ($89; Thanks to a needle-free wand that’s meant to be waved over your lips before heading to bed, LipFusion XL lets you forgo injections in favor of fuller lips by the time you wake up ($50; In addition, White Pearl's professional teeth whitening pen promises to work its magic while you dream and brighten your smile before the break of dawn. ($19.95,

Even top trimming and tanning products are getting a midnight makeover these days. Bliss has launched FatGirlSleep, a caffeine-free version of its FatGirlSlim dimple-diminishing product. ($38;

The sun may just be rising when you wake, but you can already have a sun-kissed glow, thanks to Olay’s Overnight Touch of Sun. ($6.99;

Other drugstore brands such as Crest, ChapStick and Dr. Scholl’s, are offering overnight solutions for your teeth, lips and feet, too. ChapStick’s Overnight Lip Treatment and Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream soften dry zones while you snooze. Finally, Crest’s Pro-Health Night toothpaste helps combat morning breath by working longer hours ($4-$6; all available at