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Porsha and Christopher

Houston, Texas

About the bride: Porsha is a vibrant and joyful 28-year-old fifth-grade teacher with a passion for children and family.

About the groom: Twenty-six-year-old Chris was recently laid off from IBM, but this Southern gentleman’s drive and determination keep him motivated.

Time together: Six years

Why he’s the one: “He is such an interesting and dynamic person, and he has such a swagger and drive about himself that was so attractive. He has always made me feel like the most beautiful and talented girl in the entire world.”

Why she’s the one: “She’s not only my love, but my best friend, and I can share anything and everything with her.”

What started as a shared bus ride during college turned into the makings of a beautiful journey together. Six years later, Southern belle Porsha is engaged to marry her real-life Prince Charming, Chris.

Porsha and Chris found themselves on the same trip headed to Alabama to support their college basketball team. Porsha made the first move and gave Chris her number ... he called two days later and the rest was history. Chris showed up at Porsha’s surprise party and the lovable, faithful couple has been inseparable ever since.

Both Texas natives, Porsha and Chris have a strong love for New York City, so taking Porsha on a surprise trip to the Big Apple to propose was a no-brainer for this love mastermind. While driving through Manhattan’s West Village, dressed in their finest for a dinner out on the town, Chris asked the limo driver to pull over. Down on one knee, on a sidewalk in star-lit Manhattan ... Chris asked Porsha to be his wife. 

Adversity is something this couple refuses to shy away from. Chris was recently laid off from IBM, but has found a way to turn this tough economic time into opportunity. He decided to go back to school in Texas to further his education.

Porsha and Chris have a strong love for God and are confident that, surrounded by their family and friends, they will, in fact, live happily ever after.