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PopBliss hosts luxury pop-up group marriage event in New York City

Want to save money on your wedding? Well, that doesn't mean you have to give up on your Pinterest-inspired dreams.
/ Source: TODAY

Want to save money and get married alongside a few couples city-hall-style? Well, that doesn't mean you have to give up on your Pinterest-inspired wedding dreams.

That's the idea, anyway, behind PopBliss, a luxury wedding planning business that conducts luxury group weddings with "all the frills."

Another gorgeous venue styled by the company.

"With a group pop-up wedding where everything's been taken care of by me and my team, you're able to focus on all the things that aren't related to weddings," Racquel Kristi, founder of PopBliss, told "The stress and planning, I mean. Rather than focus on the wedding, you get to focus on the marriage. And that's really beautiful."

Sure, a PopBliss wedding isn't cheap at $5,000 per couple. But it's a pretty sweet deal compared to the exorbitant rates of most weddings these days. recently estimated that the average 2014 wedding cost $31,213.

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PopBliss is currently gearing up for its first group wedding in New York City in March 2016. For the event, 10 couples will be hand selected from online applicants; then, they'll receive instructions to a secret location as well as hotel accommodations.

Included in the group wedding is a "glam suite" with makeup and hair stylists, brunches for the bride and groom, a fun welcome fête the night before the wedding, and the actual wedding — plus a fun reception.

Brides walk down the aisle one by one, and vows are recited one after another. But the rest of the ceremony happens simultaneously, with all couples lined up at the front of the room together.

While some may call the group wedding scheme unromantic, Kristi claims it's just the opposite.

"We collaborate with local vendors to really create something gorgeous, unique, and special," Kristi said.

She hopes the event will eventually spread beyond New York and take place at cities all over the country.

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In the end, she believes it's really all about reminding the modern bride that she doesn't have to compromise.

"We see people from all walks of life, but mostly those who are interested in celebrating their love without the stress of the planning, while still reaping the benefits of a wedding that's been beautifully thought about," Kristi said. "That's a beautiful thing."

Interested? The company's still accepting couples.