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By Eun Kyung Kim

Men, don’t judge your woman’s footwear unless you’ve walked a mile in her heels.

A new poll has found that most men actually pay attention to the shoes women wear — and have strong opinions about the ones they hate.

That apparently starts with wedge heels, which topped the “the least attractive shoe trend” list compiled by

The organization surveyed 2,103 American men and found that 71 percent of them despised wedge shoes the most. UGGs and Crocs followed closely behind in second and third place.

But here’s the kicker: 79 percent of those surveyed said they actually paid attention to what their partners wore on their feet. And more than half of those polled said they found their partner to have poor taste in footwear.

"When asked whether or not they considered women to be more attractive if they wore ‘attractive shoes’, the majority, 93%, said ‘yes’ they were," the site reported, "while 64% of respondents also claimed they personally purchased shoe styles they liked for their partner."

Twelve percent of the men surveyed said they only noticed a woman's shoe choice "sometimes."

According to the men, the least attractive footwear styles were:

1. Wedge (71%)
2. UGGs (67%)
3. Crocs (63%)
4. Platforms (58%)
5. Flip flops (55%)
6. Moccasins (49%)
7. Mary Janes (42%)
8. Ballet shoes (37%)
9. Kitten heels (34%)
10. Sneakers (25%)

Women, of course, responded strongly to the poll.

"What the?? Who doesn't love a wedge?!" tweeted NBC's Mara Schiavocampo.

“WeIl I find men to be least attractive when they act stupid. But that won't change. Leave my wedge shoes alone boys!” tweeted @Ninamarieox.