Pick Bobbie Thomas' wedding shoes!

Which shoe should Bobbie Thomas wear to her May 31 nuptials? You decide!

Voting has now ended. Check back to see which shoe Bobbie will wear to her wedding!

The dress might be the most buzzed-about wedding item, but shoes aren’t too far behind. While readers already chose TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas’ gorgeous gown, there’s still some work to be done to complete her outfit.

“I want something different and fun, but I don’t want it to stick out too much,” Bobbie said of her ideal footwear for the big day. “Shoes are like art to me.”

Bobbie Thomas in the winning number!

The bride — who will have her reception at Kathie Lee Gifford’s home on May 31 — intends to make a statement with her veil, so while her shoes should “have character,” they shouldn't overwhelm her look.

For her top contenders, Bobbie went for gravity-defying platforms since she’s more on the petite side, and so she could limit how much she needs to hem her ivory Le Spose di Gio gown. She wants a strap (for extra support) and a chic peep toe style (to give her dancing feet a little more breathing room). “I love a high heel,” Bobbie confessed.

Easy feat, no?

Not exactly: “It was really hard to find shoes that weren’t overly bejeweled in rhinestones,” Bobbie said of the search. She wants sparkle, but in a subtle manner — and that’s why she needs your help in picking one of the stunning options below.

“It’s difficult to choose just one,” Bobbie explained. “My heart goes out to the bride looking for the perfect shoe!”

Voting closes on May 10. Check back for details on the winning style!

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