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Personalized puckers among summer’s best

New nail trendsEveryone from Beyoncé and Rihanna to Pink and Lady Gaga have their hands on Minx’s nail coverings, made from a new flexible film that shrink-wraps to perfectly fit your fingertips. Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey tried a Cheetah pattern, Fergie’s favorite is Black with Chrome Stripes and Katy Perry rocked the sleek look of a Gold Lightning metallic manicure that flashes like foil! See minxnails.com for salons nationwide.

For those of you who aren’t so quick to hit the salon, two cosmetic brands are giving at-home manicures a makeover. Sally Hansen’s new Nail Art Pens can be used over any polish to draw a detailed design ($7.95; walgreens.com), while OPI Nic’s Sticks Paint and Go pens are thick markers meant to color the entire nail — so you can draw your way to a quick-drying DIY mani. ($6.99; ulta.com)

Personalized puckersWe all know that fragrances smell different depending on who's wearing them — and now there’s a lip color that looks different from one person to the next. Dior’s Lip Glow is a balm in the shape of a lipstick that appears as a new color on everyone’s lips, according to their skin chemistry ($28; sephora.com). Meanwhile, Dr. Kiss claims to offer a “just kissed” look with a little lift of color. ($12; VanityMark.com)

In addition, come July Maybelline is launching a brand-new collection called Color Sensational, featuring universally flattering shades for different skin tones. ($7.49; Maybelline.com for stores)

Feel freshWith their new Healthy Deodorant collection, Lavanila Laboratories is giving eco-friendly gals a chemical-free way to feel fresh. The paraben- and aluminum-free odor protectors boast antioxidant-rich botanicals and the brand's signature vanilla-based scents, which are loved by Vanessa Williams, Tina Fey and Hayden Panettiere. ($18; sephora.com)

DERMADoctor’s Med e Tate antiperspirant wipes are a gym-bag beauty secret. They claim to help prevent sweating under arms, on face, palms, soles, under breasts, cleavage and more. ($48; DermaDoctor.com)

Darac’s new TourQuam cosmetic brush uses magnets to pick up and propel the powder like a professional makeup artist, so there’s no need to brush up on your technique anymore ($40-$75; daracbeauty.com). Finally, Nyce Legs Spray-On Nylons offer an all-natural, long-lasting and water-resistant way to even out skin tone, add a little glow, and even conceal imperfections or help camouflage cellulite. Talk about a summer must-have! ($19.95; NyceLegs.com)

Hot hair
“Nalu” is the Hawaiian word for waves, and like the staple of the sea, no two curls are ever alike. By weaving the hair through the double barrels of RSession’s Nalu Waver in a figure eight, you can add volume and form different curl shapes. Their PinUp Girl kit was inspired by Hilary Swank as an easy way to whip up your hair for a hassle-free haute look. ($21-$179; RSessionTools.com)

Meanwhile, hair care that caters to your haircut is the thinking behind the brand-new "HerCut" line of styling products, which are categorized into The Blunt, The Shag, The Bob, The Long Layers and The Pixie. ($19-$28; available starting Aug. 1 at HerCut.com)

Your hair may be at its best for unfussy beach waves a day or two after washing, but by then the scent of your shampoo will surely have faded. Luckily hair fragrances allow for lovely-smelling locks at any time. Pure & Petal was founded under this very idea, and offers four different scents for you to choose among ($43; purepetal.com). Clean Shampoo’s Fresh Hair Fragrance ($39; beauty.com) and Aqualina’s Pink Sugar Hair Perfume ($15; amazon.com) also provide a sweet smell for your tresses.

And hair where? It takes a lot of courage to stop someone with a fabulous hairstyle on the street and ask her where she got it done. Now, you don’t have to, thanks to Mopshots (mopshots.com), Citysearch’s online Web site that lets you sift through photos of real women to find the cut — and then stylist — that suits you best. This girlfriend guide is literally the ultimate ‘do’!