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People are sharing hilarious photos of their quarantine haircuts gone wrong

The photos are providing a much-needed laugh to folks stuck at home
/ Source: TODAY

What do you do when you're stuck at home social distancing and in desperate need of a haircut?

With salons and barbershops across the country temporarily closed, some are asking their spouses and kids to give them a quick trim, and they're sharing the good, bad and even ugly results on social media.

All you have to do is search for the hashtags #coronacuts #covidcuts and #quarantinehaircut, and you'll find a treasure trove of hilarious haircut tales.

Take broadcast news reporter Kyle Clark's story, for instance. Over the weekend, Clark shared a series of photos of his wife's first attempt at cutting his hair, and they were pretty priceless. It all started with this comedic tweet: "Haircut has started. Dog trimmer is powering through the job. But my wife keeps saying UT OH and she won’t let me look."

From there, the Colorado resident shared photos of his wife's progress, including one of this patchy spot.

When all was said and done, Clark was feeling a little bashful about his new look.

"I did fine until I heard my wife say, 'Oh no!'" he told TODAY Style over email. "We aborted the haircut after taking a few patches out of the back. We may try again next weekend after watching a few more YouTube videos."

On Monday, Instagram user Eric Sterite shared his own #coronacut (see the funny video here), captioning the post, "Hey Babe, can we check the settings on those clippers?” This was the first time Sterite's wife had attempted to give him a haircut, and she was pretty hesitant to try it.

"She wanted no part in it, but I pushed her so she watched one YouTube video and we got off to a rough start," he told TODAY. "At least I don’t have to look at the back of my head!"

Jennie Taylor, a mother of five, got a good laugh watching her husband give himself and his sons #coronacuts.

"It was a boy bonding moment in our home. Since my boys were young, when asked how they wanted their hair cut, they would say 'a circle cut.' That meant they wanted it like grandpa (with a circle on top ... aka a bald spot). I’ve always said no, until now," she told TODAY. "This is the perfect time for crazy haircuts!"

When Instagram user @hookedonphoenix9's friends joked that he should shave words into his head during self-isolation, he was up for the challenge. Then he actually got started.

"It didn't turn out so well. I think the experience was a pretty good learning one. I was pretty confident I could shave something into my own head, and then it turned out pretty poorly. Really makes me appreciate all the impressively skilled barbers out there," he told TODAY.

Some #coronacuts stories have happy endings. Mark Hanrahan, a news anchor based in Washington, asked his wife, Maribelle, to cut his hair and was pleasantly surprised at how well she did.

"Jokingly, I’ve asked her over the years to cut my hair, but given that I’m on TV everyday, she’s always refused. With our current situation, I convinced her to give it a go," Hanrahan told TODAY. "With a little liquid encouragement, clippers and a comb, she gave it a go. She did awesome, but is praying life gets back to normal sooner than later so she 'never has to do this again.'"

In such uncertain times, photos of funny "quarantine haircuts" are providing some much-needed laughs for folks stuck at home. While reflecting on his own haircut, Clark summed it up best: "If a bad haircut is the worst thing that happens to someone right now, they are very fortunate. I’m a very fortunate guy with a very bad haircut."