Pedicure stockings have nail polish printed on so you can put your best foot forward

Using nail polish on a stocking tear is a well-known trick to stop it from spreading. But Japanese company Belle Maison has a new way to combine nail polish and stockings: providing a pedicure for your nails already painted on the stocking's foot!

Belle Maison
Pre-polished stockings are now a thing.

Yep, it looks as strange as you'd expect. It probably feels rather odd as well, since the stockings are designed to fit individual toes (so your pedicure doesn't look like it's sliding off your foot when the stocking shifts). Those of us who don't care for the feeling of anything between our toes should probably take a step back.

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Belle Maison
Samples of the pedicured stockings.

The stockings come in a number of pedicure colors, but just one skin tone. Mashable reports that the Belle Maison website prices a full pair at about $13; a knee-length version goes for around $11.

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Belle Maison
Knee-length versions of the stockings probably work best with longer skirts.

While it seems like a timesaving, delightful idea, we've got two problems with it: One, stockings are often a little warm in the months you're most likely to want to expose your toes. And second, this encourages the wearing of stockings with open-toed shoes — something many consider a fashion don't.

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But you do you — and see if this helps you put your best foot forward.

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