Peculiar perfumes, lip tattoos and more odd style trends

From a real snakeskin manicure to "paint" perfume, the worlds of fashion and beauty continue to bring forth unusual and amazing trends. TODAY style editor and's Bobbie Thomas explains how a few of them can add spice to your life.Prints gone wild
From your lips to your tips, unusual and exotic patterns are popping up all over the place. I was fortunate enough to try out a cutting-edge new "snakeskin mani/pedi," courtesy of its creator, Terri Silacci (who was inspired by what her kids brought home from a neighbor’s house). Using real skin that was naturally shed and left behind by a snake that is healthy and unharmed, Silacci delicately adheres the skin to the nail and coats it with Bio Sculpture Gel. A manicure can last up to three weeks and a pedicure up to 12 weeks! This couture manicure and its synthetic version are capturing the attention of beauty buffs worldwide as the most chic way to indulge in your animal instincts — and finally match your nails to your handbag or shoes. (Approx. $65-$300;

If you're looking to take a walk on the wild side and want to do it yourself, Incoco offers nail fans preprinted dry nail appliques made from real nail polish. From leopard and zebra to glittered and crackled, the stick-ons can last up to 10 days and are easily removed with regular acetone remover ($8.99-$10.99; And since lips say it all, why not indulge in a fun, temporary lip tattoo for a night out? A new collection by Violent Lips brings you feisty press-on puckers in patterns ranging from polka-dot to floral and fishnet. All wipe off with baby oil so you can be back to business in the morning ($9.99-$15.95 for 3 applications;

Buzzworthy boots
While women have been known to chatter about the height of their stilettos, it looks like men may have found their own shoe obsession. Down beyond the border in Mexico, the “pointy-toe shoe trend” has spiraled out of control, literally, with both men and boys engaging in friendly footwear contests to see who can build the biggest boot. The shoe is even fostering a sense of community, with group gatherings and dance competitions centered around the wild style. Click here to watch a short documentary about the trend. Peculiar perfumes
Fashion and makeup have long been the way for women to make style impressions, but a trend toward peculiar perfumes now lets you make a scent-ual statement in a whole new way. Boudicca's Wode Paint Perfume is the first ever "visual" fragrance, where applying the eau de toilette is part of the experience. Inspired by the face paint of warrior princesses, the spray initially appears bright blue but disappears when rubbed into skin, leaving a light scent of leather and musk behind ($145;

Molecule 01 is another groundbreaking formulation: It's odorless when sprayed in the air but when mixed with skin, it brings out a warm aroma ($135; For those intrigued by the body-fragrance connection, Etat Libre d'Orange's "Secretions Magnifiques" is based on the innate scents and secretions of the human body. The playful parfumerie also offers up unusual blends like "Belly Button" and "Fat Electrician" ($90;

Natural fragrances are trending overseas as well, where U.K. artist Jammie Nicholas has been selling Surplus, a fragrance made from the excesses of his own body. While the essences are taken from excrement, the final result is pleasant-smelling and has been causing quite a buzz on blogs ($60; Longtime favorite Demeter is also on the forefront of fun fragrances, bottling hundreds of creative scents from Play-Doh and Waffles to Mojito and Cosmopolitan. They even have a Funeral Home-inspired scent ($6-$39.50;

Sticky solutions
Whether it's drooping eyelids or your bikini top, no one likes things to fall down. Thankfully, a few clever minds have started putting adhesives in all the right places. Perfect Tan Bikinis have cups lined with a gentle tape to prevent pool-plunge mishaps and help those hoping to avoid the dreaded bathing suit-strap tan line. The adhesive is waterproof and the bikinis come in an assortment of fun summery styles — a great investment for anyone beach-bound ($75;

If sagging skin is a problem, there's a tape for that, too. Instant Thigh Lift is a body tape designed to smooth out excess skin, puckering and cellulite. Simply apply the bottom half of the sheet, pull taut and secure in place for firmer-looking skin. The lifts also work on stomachs and "muffin tops" and are available for arms. And don't worry — the products are hypoallergenic and easy to remove ($11.98-$81.25;

Last but not least, wake up looking younger with Smooth Sleepers, a "cosmetic sleep strip" designed to reduce the definition of facial wrinkles. The small, sticky panels keep your skin smooth while you snooze, fighting crow's-feet, furrowed brows and smile lines. They might even make him feel better about wearing those "snore strips" to bed ($19.95;