'Pay attention!' Kathie Lee points out Hoda Kotb's (slight) hair transformation

by Kyle Michael Miller /  / Updated  / Source: TODAY

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Hoda Kotb stepped into uncharted territory Monday.

She did something she's never done in her 51 years on this earth.

Seemingly too shy to share it herself, Kathie Lee filled us in.

"Pay attention and alert the media," Kathie Lee said. "Hoda has changed her part to the other side!"

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Okay, not as dramatic as we thought it'd be, but she still looks beautiful as ever!

It was for a good reason! Hoda's hair is usually parted on the right side, causing her face to get covered up when turning to chat with Kathie Lee, who sits to her left.


Comedian Cloris Leachman offered the suggestion, so Hoda took her up on it.

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"I am so not used to it," Hoda admitted. "Ever since I've had a part, it's been over here."

"Look, you can still see Hoda's beautiful face," an overjoyed Kathie Lee said.

Hoda didn't seem quite as excited.

"Who cares!" She blurted out.

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