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Pauly D puts down the hair gel for this summer picture

It's rare see the “Jersey Shore” star without his signature hairstyle.
Pauly D hair
This is how Pauly D's hair usually looks.MTV
/ Source: TODAY

Pauly “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio is known for his larger than life 'do. But the "Jersey Shore" star just gave fans a rare glimpse of what his hair looks like without his beloved gel.

The reality star took to Twitter to share a shirtless selfie (no "T-shirt time," apparently) and fans were quick to pick up on one shocking detail. Instead of rocking his trademark blowout, Pauly D decided to show off a more natural, gel-free style. He even confirmed that he's wearing "no gel" in the caption.

The DJ certainly made us do a double take with his fuss-free look, and held his product-free hair in place with a thin headband.

Fans were impressed, too, with many applauding the 38-year-old for his natural look.

"I think I like you better this way!" wrote one user.

In true Jersey shore style, another fan gave the hairstyle a fist pump of approval.

Another Twitter user thought it was about time the reality star embraced his natural locks.

Gel-heavy blowouts have been Pauly's signature style for quite some time.

Image: Paul DelVecchio
Looking good, Pauly!AP

And he's definitely mastered the look since appearing on the first season of "Jersey Shore" in 2009.

Image: Jersey Shore
On the "Jersey Shore," Pauly D perfected his signature style.MTV

But DelVecchio has switched things up on rare occasion. Like that time he dressed up as Justin Bieber for Halloween in 2010 and let his hair hang loose.

A rare glimpse of Pauly D without gel.
A rare glimpse of Pauly D without gel.Everett Collection

And that time when he charmed fans with a sleek style in 2013.

If you ask us, Pauly should really give his hair a break more often. The gel-free look really suits him!