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'I'm human': Paris Jackson speaks out against society's definition of beauty

Nevermind what society says.
/ Source: TODAY

At just 19 years old, Paris Jackson has wise words that that anyone can use. The actress, model and 2017 TODAY Style Hero, who's father is the late Michael Jackson, is determined to not let the spotlight change her.

Paris Jackson is fighting back against the cookie-cutter definition of beauty.

In an interview with i-D magazine for the fall 2017 issue, the model and actress opened up about how she learned to embrace her imperfections in a world obsessed with the cookie-cutter definition of beauty.

"I'm not symmetrical, I'm not a size zero, I eat hella burgers and endless amounts of pizza," Jackson said. "I can't fit into a runway sample size of designer clothes, I have scars and stretch marks and acne and I have cellulite. I'm human."

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Sept. 15, 201701:09

Jackson, the only daughter of the late Michael Jackson, talked about insecurities she deals with on a regular basis and how she hopes to change the way society looks at fashion and beauty standards.

"Unfortunately in the world we live in it's almost impossible to feel comfortable in your own skin 24/7," she said. "But we're getting there, slowly but surely."

Jackson, who has been featured on the cover of Harper's Bazaar looking just like Madonna, says beauty should be judged from within rather than on the surface, and that true beauty comes from the heart rather than a number a scale.

We love the body-positive vibes Jackson is spreading!