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Our A to Z beauty 'GIFtionary' details every tip, trick and trend you need

Because when we change up our routines here at TODAY, we go all out.
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When we change up our beauty routines here at TODAY, we go all out. That's why we created the ultimate A to Z beauty "GIFtionary." It's chock full of ways to amp up and revamp your tired beauty routine into something really special. You'll find tips, tricks and all sorts of fun extras here; plus, GIFs galore to help you understand exactly how to nail the look. What are you waiting for? Grab a few brushes and get started!

A is for ... Anime lashes


Doesn't everyone want lashes worthy of a Japanese cartoon character? Yeah, they're that extreme. Get the tutorial here.

B is for ... Baking


This super simple beauty hack has been making rounds on social media since the summer — and for good reason. It really works on those pesky under-eye bags! Get the tutorial here.

C is for ... Clown contour


That's right, beauty bloggers and makeup aficionados alike are coveting the look first made famous by a man named Bozo. Get the tutorial here.

D is for ... Dewy skin


Let's be honest here: We all want a younger-looking face, no matter how old we are. Get the tutorial here.

E is for ... Electric eyeliner


You might think you've stumbled on a trend from the '80s, but we promise it's easier to wear than you think. Get the tutorial here.

F is for ... Fake freckles


Stop covering your natural freckles; the beauty world is wild for spots. Get the tutorial here.

G is for ... Graphic eyeliner


It's like modern art — for your face! Get the tutorial here.

H is for ... Heated eyelash curler


Why should the hair on your head have all the fun? Get the tutorial here.

I is for ... Illuminator


Who can say no to a sun-kissed glow all year-round? Get the tutorial here.

J is for ... Juicy lips


Luscious, juicy lips are the ideal way to create the perfect pout. Get the tutorial here.

K is for ... Kohl eyeliner


Because it's all about defined eyes. Get the tutorial here.

L is for ... Lobe liner


Yes, lobe liner. Like, makeup for your ears. You may never need earrings again. Get the tutorial here.

M is for ... Matte finish


Oil, be gone! Get the tutorial here.

N is for ... Nude lip


Rebel against the classic red lip with something a bit subtler. Get the tutorial here.

O is for ... Ombre blush


We love this natural-looking flush. Get the tutorial here.

P is for ... Plumping

Make your lips practically double in size with this simple trick. Get the tutorial here.

Q is for ... Quick clean up


We've got the ultimate secret for the fastest makeup clean up ... ever. Get the tutorial here.

R is for... Reverse smokey eye


Look great and be a trendsetter at the same time. Get the tutorial here.

S is for ... Strobing


Do you like contouring? Then you'll really like strobing. Get the tutorial here.

T is for ... Tightlining


What started as a simple trick of the trade is now the stuff of makeup legend. Get the tutorial here.

U is for ... Upside-down cat-eye


Taylor Swift made this one popular. Now it's your turn to try it out. Get the tutorial here.

V is for ... Vampy lips


'Tis the season to give into your dark side. Get the tutorial here.

W is for ... Water droplet lashes

Jaws will drop if you pull this one off. We promise. Get the tutorial here.

X is for ... eXtreme eyebrows


You're about to get Cara Delevingne'd. Get the tutorial here.

Y is for ... Youthful flush


Looking like you just got back from a run never looked so beautiful. Get the tutorial here.

Z is for ... Z-palette


Yup, a Z-palette. You may have never heard of it, but it's gonna change your life. Get the tutorial here.

Find the entire A to Z GIFtionary guide here.

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