Our favorite last-minute gifts for a new boyfriend

Shopping for the new or new-ish guy in your life can be pretty difficult, especially when time is an issue. You are secure enough that he’s gained the boyfriend title, but it’s still new enough you aren’t quite ready to break out the romantic weekend getaway or couples massages. Show you think the world of him with gifts that will speak to his personality. (Also, it never hurts to ask for clues!)

  • Eleven James is an annual subscription-based luxury timepiece club that is a great gift idea for a new boyfriend. Starting at $149 a month, members get access to watches from brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and many more. Each watch can be enjoyed for several months at a time, and at the end of the rotation, the member simply returns the watch, and his next favorite gets shipped right to his door. It's as simple as renting a movie. Why stress over choosing the perfect watch for your man when he can choose his own? ($149,
  • The gift of a few great albums can give you a quiet night at home to chill, but also allow for actual conversations, something that’s incredibly important in a new relationship. If you want to up the ante to a sexy way for him to enjoy his music, an out-of-the-box gift idea is the RCA Electric Jukebox, a device that makes music streaming easy by allowing you to instantly play over 30 million songs, listen to curated music channels and more through your TV. No phone, PC or subscriptions required. ($229,
  • Is he old-school and into the classic sound of vinyl? Try the ION Max LP All-In-One Turntable with Built-In Stereo Speakers. ($69.99,
  • FWL Whiskey Explorers Club is inspired by the "blind tasting" bar game, a club designed to introduce members to amazing whiskey they most likely have not experienced before, free of any pre-conceived notion of brand, price or age as an indicators of quality, or even a prior experience with a type of whiskey. Members receive quarterly sample flights, each of which contain four (4) whiskey samples in 50mL bottles. Each bottle is labeled with a generic code, and the only way the members can find out what they are tasting is to enter that generic code on our website, which initiates a game where members enter their own tasting notes and ratings of the whisky. (Memberships start at $75,
  • Myo Gesture Control Armband reads the electrical activity of your muscles to give you touch-free control of technology with hand gestures and motion. Out of the box, you can use it control music on the go, pilot drones, control robots and connected toys, play computer games, flip through PowerPoint slides or sit back on the couch and take control of your mouse and keyboard. ($199,
  • Chances are your new guy and you are just about embarking on the regular “sleepover” stage of your relationship, so gifting him a toothbrush, perhaps one to keep at your place, can be a major step forward. This is a sleek electric toothbrush that replaces itself every 3 months, and it’s also great for travel. (Starts at $25-$40,
  • Does your guy desperately need to up his style game? This is a personal styling online concierge that inspires men to dress well and live well. The box includes both emerging and established brands such as GANT, Ben Sherman, Scotch & Soda, Jack of Spades and more. ($20 styling fee per box plus anything he buys,
  • Wearables are becoming more and more of a thing; this one provides quick access to his favorite apps (Nike, yelp, Bloomberg, etc.), plus it texts, emails, calendar reminds, and gives news updates. He’ll have no excuse now to not return your call. So, you win. ($300,
  • Winter boots are a must-have, but feet can get smelly and overheated. And let's face it, ladies: Stinky feet can ruin that romantic moment in a real hurry. The team at Ministry of Supply pressure-mapped the foot and added cushioning (and ventilation) where the foot needs it most. Plus, the Atlas Socks are infused with recycled coffee grounds that absorb odors! ($18,
  • Cooking together is a great way to add romance to a relationship without going over the top, and right now there’s a few ingredient delivery services that are getting a lot of attention. But if you are looking to keep it healthy, HelloFresh can help to bring you together by taking care of the meal planning, food shopping, measuring and delivering. (Veggie Box for 2 is $59,
  • If you want to make the experience even easier for him, try a service like Munchery, which delivers meals prepared by all-star chefs (alums of Le Bernardin, Daniel, Blue Smoke, etc.) on-demand or scheduled ahead. All he has to do is heat and serve. Meals start at $9.95.
  • Touchjet Pond Projector is one of the bigger splurges on this list, but for the gadget-loving geek boyfriend, it’s a great gift idea. It turns any flat surface into an 80” interactive touchscreen where users can display and interact with hundreds of thousands of Android apps. ($600,
  • Make him finally trade in that unflattering black plastic comb by telling him this dual purpose accessory serves as a comb for short hair, beards or mustaches and also features a bottle opener. ($16,
  • If you are looking for something super unique to give him, artist Peter Lever encases genuine meteorite shavings in resin and sets them in classic silver or gunmetal-tone cufflinks by hand. The large, rectangular shape of the cuffs is sure to draw attention, so make sure to pair them with a refined, minimalist shirt. ($60,
  • Peppermint is synonymous with the holidays, and it’s in your best interest to keep him smelling minty fresh under the mistletoe. ($44,