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Olivia Munn defends her cellulite after trolls criticize her 'cottage cheese' thighs

The actress made it clear that she wouldn't let social media body-shamers stop her from posting photos.
Olivia Munn
The actress faced criticism about her cellulite after posting a photo on Instagram.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Trainers have it. Ballerinas have it. Models have it. And as actress Olivia Munn recently revealed in a photo she shared on Instagram, she has it, too.

Cellulite is a nearly universal experience for women, with Mayo Clinic estimating that between 80 and 90 percent of us have some degree of that "lumpy, dimpled flesh" on our bodies.

So catching a glimpse of it shouldn't be a big deal. And yet, as Munn discovered after posting her pic, some online critics feel the need to call it out — in less-than-kind terms — all the same.

On Tuesday, "The Rook" star shared a stunning shot that highlighted her effortless summer fashion sense, as she teamed up a sleeveless knit top with a crisp white miniskirt. But it was only the barely-there bumps on the back of her thighs that some saw.

"Cottage cheese," one man wrote. Another informed her "that's why photoshop was created."

However, it wasn't long before Munn's many fans (and fellow cellulite-havers) came to her defense.

"Omg I LOVE how you didn't Photoshop out the little cellulite on your thigh!" wrote a delighted follower. "Makes me feel so much better about my cellulite."

Some assured the star that "all women have it" while taking the trolls to task for being "rude" and "classless."

Still others couldn't even see the subtle cellulite at all.

"Am I blind??? What f---ing cellulite? She’s freaking perfect," a fan raved. "Seriously ... if that’s cellulite then you make it look amazing. ... Don’t listen to men who are just trying to get a rise out of you."

There's no need to worry about that last point.

"What woman doesn't have cellulite??" Munn, 39, wrote in response to the hoopla. "It's not gonna stop me from posting a pic."