Never wash your jeans again with odor-fighting denim


Listen up: We’re sharing a secret. These jeans we’re wearing? These perfectly broken-in, just baggy enough, possibly covered in grime, but dark enough you can’t really tell dungarees? They could probably walk on their own. Because washing jeans means stiff, tight jeans and if that means dealing with a little bit of stink, we’re cool with that.

But DL1961 Premium Denim might let us have our unwashed jeans and allow them to smell good, too! The brand’s new Intelligent Denim line, new for fall, features a treatment — something called Silvadur — that, according to the company, protects your jeans from odor-causing bacteria, resulting in fewer needs for washing.

Yes, it would seem specialty denim treatments are having a moment. Stain-resistant white jeans, Spanx jeans, even scratch-and-sniff jeans for guys are all officially things.

And we say, hey, if anti-odor treatments work for our fitness clothes, we’re game for fresher-smelling denim. Plus, it sounds a lot easier than shoving your jeans in the freezer, as Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh recently recommended. We'd rather live with nose-wrinkling pants than no room for ice cream.

Now, if someone comes up with an odor-fighting, stain-resisting, makes-you-look-10-pounds-skinnier all-in-one jean? That, we would definitely buy. And if it scratches-and-sniffs to smell like Cherry Garcia? Even better.

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