No more blisters! 7 simple solutions to fashion emergencies

Looking good isn't always easy — especially when you have to deal with everyday fashion emergencies like a gaping neckline or jeans that are so long they skim the floor. Bahar Takhtehchian, editor-at-large of Shape magazine, is here with seven easy but ingenious tricks that can help fix the most common style snafus.

Miss Oops Rescue Sponge
Deodorant stains plague even the most careful dressers. This dry sponge lifts white marks off with a simple swipe. It also removes loose face powder, which can cling to clothes and smudge if a paper towel or tissue is applied to it. Because this sponge is budget-friendly and reusable, one sponge can be kept in the office and one can be kept at home. In addition to removing deodorant stains, this sponge can also buff suede items like shoes and belts ($10 for a two-pack,

Protect Your Pumps Sole Savers
Expensive or special occasion shoes need to be handled with care. These clever adhesives should be placed on the bottom of shoes to keep soles from getting dirty, grimy, scratched, or scuffed up. Before applying the adhesive, draw an outline of the shoe on the adhesive (this ensures a perfect fit). Then place the adhesive on the bottom of the shoe. Each sticker lasts between 6 to 10 uses ($10 per pair,

Silver Linings Shoe Liners
The bare-legged look is very popular, but sometimes sweaty feet can result in stinky shoes. These ultrathin liners are soft, absorbent, and antimicrobial, which means they prevent odor, mildew, and fungus from forming. The inserts fit most pumps and flats and stay put without adhesive, so they can be switched out easily. Most pads lasts between 10 to 15 uses (19 for five pairs,

Topstick Fashion-Fix Tape
Exposed bra straps and fallen hems are just some of the common style issues that stylists and regular women deal with on a daily basis. Fashion tape can help solve each of these issues and is a lot more versatile than safety pins. This clear adhesive tape should be placed on clean skin and then pressed into the fabric for a good hold. The tape is hypoallergenic, nonirritating, and leaves no residue on the skin ($8,

Band-Aid Blister Cushions
Blisters are painful and annoying and they can make it impossible to wear shoes. These blister cushions are filled with gel so they provide a soft, cushiony barrier between the skin and shoes. The cushions are sterilized, which means they can be applied to open blisters. Plus, they’re super strong so they can stay on skin for days— even after several showers ($5, drugstores).

Hem Gems Jeans Adjusters
Finding jeans that fit correctly is difficult. Hem Gems are removable rivets that temporarily change the length of jeans and nix the need to visit a tailor. The rivets come in several styles: classic blue-jeans, rhinestones, or pyramids. The extra denim material should be tucked up into the pant leg and then the new hem should be secured with a decorative rivet (20 for an eight-pack,

Tandy Leather Hole Punch
Sometimes belts and shoe buckles can be too big or too small. A leather punch can add extra holes to the accessory in just a few steps. This rotary punch has several settings, which means it can make big and small holes as needed ($20,