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Here's why 2,000 people are on a waitlist for these leggings

These aren't your average pair of sweatpants. Here's why so many people are on a waitlist — and how you can get a similar look.
/ Source: TODAY

Leggings to the office or even on date night? That level of comfort sounds like an unrealistic dream.

Except when you find out that there are must-have sweatpants with a 2,000-person-long waitlist. Seriously, though, we're not kidding.

Throw and Roll leggings

Athleisure company ADAY is behind these best-sellers known as the "Throw and Roll Leggings," which retail for a cool $125. (Luckily, there are somewhat similar options below for much less.)

The company reports that they first experienced a waitlist back in September 2015. They then restocked in December and sold out within 24 hours. After realizing these pants were flying off the shelves, their hoped a July shipment would last for three months. It sold out in seven days.

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Designed to be "the only leggings (we hope) you'll ever need," according to ADAY, these are clearly not your average workout pants.

"They’re inspired by the comfort and breathability of technical activewear, the look of a cool staple cigarette pant or leather leggings, but as easy to wear and style up or down as denim," ADAY co-founder Nina Faulhaber tells TODAY Style.

With a shiny finish, these leggings include rose-gold zippers and bonded seams, giving them the look of a trendy pant meant for a night out rather than the gym. However, they're also incredibly functional featuring a pocket to hold your phone and UV-resistant fabric to block the sun.

ADAY Throw & Roll leggings
Balarama Heller / ADAY

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"Ultimately, we hope it empowers everyone to focus on the important things that really matter," co-founder Meg He says. "We hope it’ll save everyone a lot of time in the mornings because you never have to worry about what to wear ever again."

But not everyone is willing to wait behind thousands of people — or pay $125 — so TODAY spoke with style expert and TV personality Jordan Dechambre to learn how to pull off leggings outside of the gym without committing a fashion faux-pas.

  1. Go for a tailored fit: "Finding that perfect slim, tailored fit is essential," says Dechambre. Avoid pants that are too bulky, "which often come across as baggy, saggy and a little too casual for the office."
  2. Stick to neutral colors: "If you opt for more neutral colors, you’re automatically elevating the look of your athleisure wear," Dechambre says. Think black, off-white, gray, navy, taupe, army green or even blush in the spring.
  3. Skip the mesh cutouts: "Stay away from any mesh insets, netting or anything that is too sporty," Dechambre says. If you're a fan of embellishments, go for fabric insets, grommets or zippers instead.
  4. Check your pockets: Streamlined pockets are fine, but baggy ones (like the kind you see on cargo pants) are going into "sloppy territory," Dechambre explains. Also, "try to avoid pockets on the back if you have a more curvy shape."
  5. Be ready to invest: Look for high-quality fabrics that can easily withstand daily wear and won't look threadbare after a single wash.

Feeling ready to shop? Here are some of the best options available to leave you looking chic and feeling comfortable.

Moto pants

Moto pants are an edgier version of your your go-to leggings. They typically come in black or other neutral colors and feature grommets, zippers, panels or leather detailing. They're perfect for hitting the bar with friends, yet feeling like you're lounging on the couch.

Zara push-up leggings

Zara Push-Up Leggings, $30

H&M biker leggings

H&M Biker Leggings, $40

Mango Decorative Zip Leggings

Mango Decorative Zip Leggings, $30

Zara leather leggings

Zara Contrast Leggings, $30

Forever 21 zipper pants
Forever 21

Forever 21 Contemporary Zippered Pants, $15

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These loose-fit pants typically feature ankle cuffs and a drawstring waist. Often worn with a slight drop crotch, they're versatile enough to transition between a fitness class, the school pickup line and a night out — just change your shoes to fit the occasion.

Kohl's joggers

Kohl's Tek Gear® On the Go Banded-Bottom Pants, $20

Target joggers

Target Women's Knit Waist Woven Pant, $35

Urban Outfitters joggers
Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Out From Under Cozy Fleece Jogger Pant, $49

Lululemon joggers

Lululemon Street to Studio Pant II, $98

Forever 21 moto pants
Forever 21

Forever 21 Houndstooth Drawstring Joggers, $21

Moto pants from H&M

H&M Woven Pants, $15

Calvin Klein Performance pants

Calvin Klein Performance Cropped Active Pants, $40

Athleta joggers

Athleta Aspire Ankle Pant, $60

Zara zipped jogging trousers

Zara Zipper Jogging Trouser, $50,

Forever 21 Zippered- Front Sweatpants
Forever 21

Forever 21 Zippered-Front Sweatpants, $20

CALIA by Carrie Underwood track pants
Dick's Sporting Goods

CALIA by Carrie Underwood Women's Effortless French Terry Jogger Pants, $36

Track pants

While slightly similar to joggers, these pants usually have a nylon or silky finish and sometimes a sporty stripe down the side. To avoid looking like MC Hammer, try to pair them with feminine tops and accessories.

Gap track pants

Gap Studio Heathered Joggers, $55

Nike track pants

Nike Woven Loose Bliss, $90

H&M wide leg pants

H&M Wide-leg Pants, $20

Zara trousers with side band

Zara Trousers with Side Band, $50

ASOS Side Trousers

ASOS Tall Peg Trouser with Wide Side Stripe, $35

H&M loose fit pants

H&M Pants Loose Fit, $10

Express track pants

Express Dressy Track Pant with Side Stripes, $60

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