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/ Source: TODAY
By Donna Freydkin

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The world's most popular sporting event is well underway, and we're mesmerized by the action taking place during the World Cup.

If you can't be in Russia to witness the matches (not to mention the heartbreak of the losing squads), you can at least look the part. That's why we've hand-picked a few choice pieces for you, so you can support Messi or Ronaldo or whatever player or country you choose.

You might not be able to score a coveted, sold-out Nigeria jersey, but at least you can still grab one of these!

1. Germany Soccer Russia 2018 Football Team Fan Shirt, $20, Amazon

The powerhouse squad just beat Sweden after an opening (and shocking) loss to Mexico. If you're a fan of other teams, other shirts are available.

2. Adidas FIFA World Cup Top Glider Soccer Ball, $30, Amazon

Kick back with this very cool soccer ball.

3. Icon Sports FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia Official Souvenir Size 5 Soccer Ball, $18, Amazon

Long after the action ends in July, you can still remember the highlights.

4. FIFA World Cup Messi Argentina Jersey, $30, Nordstrom

Pay tribute to one of the world's greatest players, bar none.

5. Nike Men's World's Football Club Printed Soccer Shirt, $90, Macy's

This cool shirt is a mashup of the world's flags. This way, you can support any World Cup team.

6. RAVENSBURGER 540-Piece adidas FIFA World Cup 3D Puzzleball, $50, Nordstrom

Make it a family affair with this soccer themed game.

7. Adidas World Cup Emblem Tee, $30, Zappos

This emblem style is fitted and totally chic.

10. Adidas Mexico Home Jersey, $70, Adidas

You can personalize this jersey with your favorite player's name!

11. Havaianas Brazil Logo Flip Flops, $26, Zappos

So cute and perfect for summer.