Up up and awry: Couple's hot air balloon proposal gets dunked in ocean

Talk about a story for the kids! 

A sunset engagement in a hot air balloon turned totally terrifying on Sunday when the balloon carrying Eric Barretto and his newly-affianced love veered off course from California's coastline — and headed out to sea.

"My fianceé and I were getting engaged up there and the next thing you know the balloon was veering off toward the water, and we couldn't get our way back to land," Barretto said in an interview that aired on TODAY Monday.

The pilot tried to get them back on course, but Barretto said the "air up there was so stagnant" there was only one thing to do: land in the [shallow] water. 

The balloon's basket touched down amid the surf with nobody hurt, and was towed out of the water by beachgoers and surfers. 

"It was unforgettable, that's all I have to say," said Barretto. "I don't know if we'll do it again."

Hopefully, they won't have to. 

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