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The 7 dos and don'ts of being the best guest this New Year's Eve

Should you bring a gift? What kind? Who should make the Champagne toast ... and when should they do it? An etiquette expert answer has the answers.
/ Source: TODAY

If you're heading to a New Year's Eve party, then you have plenty of questions to ponder: Should you bring a gift? What kind? Who should make the Champagne toast ... and when should they do it?

To help you answer these questions and many more, etiquette expert Faye de Muyshondt, who wrote "Social Skills for Success," visited TODAY Wednesday.

1. DON'T come empty handed to a party.

Giving back is important, even if it's a small gesture, but you don't have to stick to food and drinks. Anything from a candle to party hats is acceptable. Just remember to put your name on the gift and write a nice message. Your host will appreciate it!

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2. DO leave whenever you're ready.

If it's a big party and you can't find the host when it's time to say goodbye (or the host is too busy), you can exit without announcing to the group — if it's larger than 50 people. If it's an intimate gathering of 20 people or less, then you should take the time to bid adieu.

3. DON'T bring your kids to an adult party.

Kids bring a different dynamic to a party. So if there won't be other children or a babysitter present, it's probably time to leave the kids with the grandparents for the evening.

4. DO give a toast to the host ...

... but be careful to not give a long, drawn-out speech if it isn't your party. The host should also have the opportunity to go first.

5. DON'T post photos on social media before asking the host.

This is mostly to spare feelings, says de Muyshondt. If people in the same community aren't invited, they may feel bad. It's up to the host to decide how much they'd like to share publicly.

6. DON'T open the bottle of wine you brought.

Remember: It's a gift! If there's no wine left in the house, give the bottle to your host and allow them to make the decision of when to open it.

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7. DON'T offer champagne to someone who isn't drinking.

Instead ask, "What can I get you to drink?" That way, you can best accommodate them based on their response.