New beauty: Innovative curlers, mascaras and more

From do-it-yourself hair helpers to innovative "foundation" papers, TODAY style editor and Bobbie Thomas shares the scoop on spring's best new beauty products.

Mane attractions
You’re hair is your best accessory, and new shine treatments offer your tresses more than just TLC. Couture Colour's Pequi Oil aims to revive dry or chemically treated hair, while taming frizz and mending split ends with moisture-restoring vitamins and nourishing oils in a quick-absorbing formula. In a clinical study, damaged hair was 600 percent stronger after just one application ($32, ). If rich color is what you’re craving this season, Rita Hazan is your guru and Hollywood’s. From Jessica Simpson’s beautiful blonde waves to the rainbow-bright Katy Perry, Rita is the expert. Her brand new Foaming Color Glosses are shine enhancing and color-correcting. Like a ‘lipgloss’ for your locks, the lightweight foam will help you boost your natural shade or maintain you hue between visits ($26, ).

For those looking for a fresh twist on the classic curling iron, Bed Head Styling has released Curlipops, a fun collection of tools with unique barrel shapes. The "Hourglass" iron is a favorite for adding loose volume at the root while providing a sexy curl with relaxed ends ($29.99, ). And, if you're planning an evening out with the girls, why not try a temporary pop of color? Hot hair hues are a surprising trend that's been sweeping the country, from celebrities and soccer moms to teens and tweens. Splat's Washables and Hair Flair's Color Rubs are favorites that are easy to apply and easy to wash out (Splat Washables $6.99, Color Rubs $13, ).

Skin solutions
The BB Cream craze (a.k.a. blemish balms or blemish bases) hit the U.S. last year — thanks to successful launch — and now the multi-tasking must-have is going mainstream with a new crop of followers this season. Garnier’s Miracle Skin Perfector was the first BB Cream to drugstores this year to help you hydrate, nourish, even skintone, protect and correct imperfections, all in one quick application ($12.99, ). Although not exactly a BB Cream, Miracle Skin Transformer is another fantastic product that can help you streamline your skincare regimen, offering hydration, a priming base, a hint of color tint and SPF, just to name a few of its benefits ($48, ).

When it comes to getting even more glow, St. Tropez is celebrity favorite self-tanning solution. The brand introduced a wash-off bronzer last year but has re-launched a new version called One Night Only, which Oscar nominees and presenters debuted on the red carpet — it's a safe way to look get that sultry, sun-kissed look ($18, ). And last but not least, Dove has introduced a personal hygiene product just in time for tank top and strapless dress season. Their brand new Clear Tone anti-perspirant and deodorant comes in both regular and clinical strength and can help target discoloration and redness caused by shaving ($4.99-$7.99, ).

Makeup must-haves
Bold brows and cat eyes are making a major comeback this season. If you're looking to line your eyes a la Angelina Jolie or Adele, Maybelline’s new EyeStudio Eyeliner pen has a felt tip that stays moist, giving you a perfectly smooth stroke every time you apply, while their EyeStudio Brow Pencil will help you bring back Brooke Shields' supermodel-style arches ($7.99, ).

If excess oil is a concern, consider Mai Couture’s Foundation Papers, which can help you absorb oil while reapplying a touch of powder foundation at the same time, a perfect midday quick fix ($24, ). And last but not least, there's been a breakthrough in the wonderful world of lashes: Cry Baby is a semi-permanent mascara that's applied by salon professional. Unlike a simple lash tint, Cry Baby can provide you with up to two weeks worth of dramatic volume, curl and color, all while being gentle on lashes ($25 & up; for salon locations).