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Neutral nails, clogs and more 2010 style trends

Is it possible that onesies are the latest celebrity must-have? Are clogs making a comeback? And how is Lady Gaga affecting the hair industry? TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas rounds up the latest buzz-worthy items to look out for in the coming year.
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Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style editor and author of the Buzz column for In Touch Weekly, offers her latest roundup of buzz-worthy items:

Indoor coutureIf you’ve been living under your Snuggie for the last few months then you’ll be excited to find out about the latest head-to-toe cozy adult-onesies craze. Yes, Forever Lazy’s “Uni-Lazy” may provide all the warmth and comfort of a blanket, but it also gives you the ability to get off the couch. And even celebs are scooping them up! Fergie and her hot hubby, Josh Duhamel, ordered 22 of the PJ suits for friends, family, and even her Black Eyed Peas bandmates. While they are available in a variety of “fashion” colors, please do not (I repeat, please do not) step outside to make a style statement ($54.99;!

Fairy-tale feverFrom fantasy to ethereal, beauty is swinging in a soft direction. Urban Decay’s Box of Shadows palette was created exclusively for Tim Burton’s highly anticipated adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland,” set to be released March 5. After flipping open the cover, I couldn’t help but smile (or grin like the Cheshire Cat) and be enchanted by the fantasy pop-up scene that transports you right into Alice’s whimsical world ($52, And Chanel surprised us on the spring catwalk with a chic twist on tattoos! Inspired by the luxury brand’s iconic symbols, pearls, blossoms and swallows are a few of the delicate designs that Les Trompe L’Oeil created for the limited-edition temporary skin art. Available Feb. 15, each five-sheet package includes 55 decals that will temporarily transform the wearer into a glam goddess.

Neutral nailsWhen you do venture out of the house, gray-beige nail polish is a surefire way to be chic. While 2009 was dominated by black and navy blue, 2010’s shades will be more earthy, from Chinchilly ($8, to charcoal and every color in between. While the winter wind is still nipping at your nose, try a frosty gunmetal polish like Yves Saint Laurent’s Tuxedo Grey ($20, And although you may think you want something to be putty in your hands, this spring you'll want putty on your hands! Creative Nail Design’s Asphalt created buzz on Behnaz Sarafpour’s catwalk ($9,, and OPI for Sephora’s Metro Chic, taupe with a touch of purple gray, is already selling out ($9,!

Haute hair artHollywood has been going gaga for crazy hair art (e.g., Lady Gaga’s gravity-defying creations), but there are plenty of practical ways for you to jump on board with these trendy new tresses. Kristin Jackson designs barrettes and headbands with faux hair bows and braids affixed so you can get the look that was oh-so-popular on Rebecca Taylor’s Spring 2010 runway ($18 and up, And while most women spend lots of money to have hair removed, you may find yourself adding hair in other places — like your neck! Saltalamacchia’s unique horsetail hair necklaces range in color from black to blond, and promise to be great conversation pieces too ($151-$529,!

Big is beautiful

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Big is beautiful

Plus-size beauties celebrate their size by posing in sexy and revealing outfits.

Clog crazeClogs are back, and in new forms and fun patterns. Heavy hitters Chanel and Louis Vuitton both sent models marching down the runway in updated versions of the wooden shoe rather than the teetering stilettos that have caused many to tumble ($745-$1,795, 800-555-0005). Designs from contemporary collections such as Stuart Weitzman and No. 6 are editor picks for spring. Hollywood’s not far behind, with celebs scooping pairs from C&C Sweden, which offers everything from fun florals to metallics and even patent leather versions ($89.95-$99.95, And if you just can’t wait to follow in their footsteps, Free People has come out with a warm way to sport the style — the “clog boot” ($248,

Plates with a purpose
Whether your New Year’s resolution was to help yourself or to help the environment, there’s a perfect plate out there for you. First, a personal favorite of mine: Slimware Plates. Foolproof and pretty, they secretly help you portion out perfect servings of carbs, proteins and starches ($34.95, And while we wait for the leaves to bloom, you can pick up Verterra’s plates, made from fallen palm leaves so they’re completely biodegradable and chemical-free. As if that weren’t enough, they’re reusable, microwavable and happen to be beautiful ($4.99-$6.99,!

Wellness water
Leave it to Hollywood to grab on to the latest liquid trend. Everyone from Kate Hudson to Cindy Crawford has been reaching for Neuro Drinks. The healthy hydration is causing a buzz with its Neuro Trim blend, which contains fiber, vitamins and nutrients that help boost metabolism, ward off food cravings and fight those extra holiday pounds ($36.99/12 pack,