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Is this the hottest eye makeup trend for 2017?

Half the makeup, double the drama! 'Negative space' eye makeup is popping up everywhere this year.
/ Source: TODAY

Less is more when it comes to eye makeup trends of 2017 (so far!).

It’s called "negative space" makeup, and it basically entails leaving parts of the eyelid unpainted. Think of it as a cutout dress, but for your eyes.

The makeup-free areas, which can be lines, stars or any other shape, pop out against the surrounding shadow to create a glam look that would go perfectly with a negative space manicure.

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How do you pull off a flawless negative space eye? Beauty blogger Swayze Morgan, who created the above looks, says it’s all about using the right tools.

“To get clean, precise lines you need to make sure you have brushes that will give you a lot of control to really perfect lines and shapes,” she told in an email. “Once you establish the shape you are wanting to create, a cream concealer is a great way to clean up your lines or remove 'space.’”

And don’t worry if you lack the superhuman ability to free-draw a perfect star on your eyelid. You can use stickers as stencils to cover the areas you want to keep makeup-free.

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“For beginners I would recommend starting out simple and try using tape or stickers to remove after you've applied the makeup to get the hang of working with space,” Morgan says.

You can stick to sharp, dramatic lines or blur the edges a little for a softer effect, like this pretty, fairy-inspired look from makeup guru Ashley Lohr.

An unpainted line can add extra dimension to a smokey eye, as shown by makeup and lifestyle blogger Eneidi Cruz.

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If you're feeling adventurous, you can even create a bold, reverse winged eye using negative space. Beauty blogger Sounthie has perfected this technique and we're loving the avant-garde vibe of this dramatic look.

The negative space makeup craze isn’t just for the eyes; you can also use it to add some serious drama to your lips. Here’s some negative space lipstick inspiration from Romanian beauty blogger Oana Zidaru.

Long story short, there are endless ways to punch up your makeup routine simply by leaving some parts of your eyes and face unpainted.

“Once you've got the technique down,” says Morgan, “your imagination is the limit!”