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/ Source: TODAY
By Terri Peters

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Is that a wooden watch?

It's a question my husband gets asked all the time, and the answer is always yes. A few birthdays ago, I ordered him a wooden watch from Treehut and he still gets compliments on it.

My husband wearing his Treehut watch at Sunday brunch.Terri Peters

The best part? Once he confirms that his watch is indeed made of wood, he almost always takes it off and shows them the back.

"My wife got it for me, and she had it engraved," he'll say, showing them the message I had etched into the back of the watch face.

"You make every minute better," it reads.

The back of my husband's Treehut watch is engraved with a special message.Terri Peters

It makes for a great Father's Day gift ... or a great gift for men, in general. In addition to the fact that the Treehut watch makes me look like the most caring and thoughtful wife ever, my husband also truly loves it. He says it's lightweight and comfortable, and he wears it all the time — whether it's to a work event or to run errands with the kids on the weekend. So, I know he's telling the truth.

My husband's Treehut watch even made an appearance at the Daddy Daughter Dance.Terri Peters

His specific Treehut watch is the zebrawood and ebony style.

Treehut Zebrawood and Ebony Wooden Men's Watch, $124, Amazon

But, Treehut makes watches in several varieties and colors of wood, and even makes some that combine wood and stainless steel or leather.

The watches are available with Prime shipping through Amazon. If you're after an engraved version, you can get it through Treehut's website.

From stainless steel faces to leather bands, here are some of our favorite Treehut styles, all of which are hand-crafted by the Treehut team in their San Francisco studio and made from real wood.

Treehut Men's Bamboo Wooden Watch, $99, Amazon

Treehut Men's Wooden Bamboo Watch with Genuine Brown Leather Strap, $81, Amazon

Treehut Men's Zebrawood Wooden Watch with Zebrawood Strap, $124, Amazon

Treehut Men's Ebony Wooden Watch with Genuine Black Leather Strap, $79, Amazon

Treehut Men's Ebony Wooden Black Stainless Steel Watch, $169, Amazon

Treehut Men's Wooden Bamboo Watch with Genuine Leather Strap, $149, Amazon

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