Nailed it! Presidential campaign nail art takes off on Instagram

/ Source: TODAY

As the country preps for the 2016 presidential election, a fun new fashion trend is taking off: campaign nail art.

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The DIY approach to political fashion is more personal and creative than the typical T-shirt and tote bag, not to mention more photogenic!

Nail art fanatics are posting their political polish to Instagram.

Katy Perry uploaded a pic of a fabulous Hillary Clinton-ized manicure to Clinton's Instagram account while hanging with the presidential candidate for a rally.

Fans of Bernie Sanders are also "feeling the Bern" — smack dab on their fingernails

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New London, New Hampshire-based nail technician Alayna Josz has shared her Bernie'd-out nail creations on Instagram, and invites fellow Sanders supporters to contact her for deals on Sanders-inspired nail art.

Some people are getting very creative!

Republican candidates are also getting their share of flashy nail art from fans.

Some nail artists are choosing a more politically-neutral coat, advocating for voting rather than a specific candidate.

But let's not forget some of the political nail art pioneers, who were uploading pics of their Obama tips during the 2012 campaign.