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Colored pencil nails are a childhood dream (or nightmare?) come true

You can actually draw with them, too!
/ Source: TODAY

In today's edition of crazy cool nail art, we present to you: colored pencil nails. Yes, you read that right. Every would-be child artist's nail dreams are finally coming true.

These colored pencil nails aren't just for show, though; You can actually draw with them!

Instagram user @nail_sunny posted a video of the creative nail art last week, and our childhood selves promptly squealed with delight.

The Russian salon shared behind-the-scenes details into creating the look in the video, and while it looks a bit too complicated for our nail skills, it's still pretty darn cool.

After prepping her acrylic nails, the nail artist starts off slow with some base coats in some of our favorite colored pencil hues: red, blue, yellow and green.

She adds a bit more detail, then adds a tan color to the tip of nails to resemble the wooden tip of a colored pencil. Brilliant, right?

Once nails are dried, the nail artist shaves the tip off an actual colored pencil, sharpens it and inserts it into the tip of the acrylic nail. Voilà — actual colored pencil nails!

This isn't the first time Nail Sunny has caught attention for an out-of-the-box nail design. Earlier this year, the salon showed off its unique "molar nails" on Instagram, too.

Who needs floral clothes when you can wear flowers right on your nails?

Yes, reptile nails are a bit creepy, but they're also totally bad ass.

Come on, Monopoly nails? Absolutely amazing.

We're definitely going to keep our eyes on this nail salon's fun Instagram page!

This story was originally published July 26, 2018.